Stimulate natural curls

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Do you have curls of your own and want to boost your natural curls? Or do you want natural curls while your hair is wavy or straight? The hair experts at Keune will tell you all about how to boost natural curls and what products you can use to do so.

Taking care of natural curls

A beautiful natural bunch of curls starts with proper care. Curls generally need extra attention because they are more fragile. So before you get going with all the styling products, read here how to care for natural curly hair. Next, you can only boost natural curls by working with the right products and methods. We explain for each curl type how to bring out the best curl in you.

The bundled curl (type 3 or 4)

Image of model with curl type 3

Do you have a curl type 3 (also comparable to a telephone wire) or curl type 4 (where your hair does not make a flapping motion, but is almost in a 'W' pattern)? Then you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your hair is soaking wet when you start styling. Preferably just washed, so there are no old styling products in your hair.

  2. Apply the styling product to your hair section by section. No need to be economical with this. Use a light mousse like the So Pure Air Foam.

  3. Define your curls with a gel for a slightly harder curl or the Curl Cream for a slightly softer curl.

  4. Now it's time to blow dry. This is best done with a diffuser and by hanging upside down.

  5. When your hair is dry, apply the final touch with a hairspray or the Precision Powder.

A full head of curls

If you have nice thick hair in which you can encourage a natural curl, the following routine is suitable for you:

  1. Apply a fluffy mousse such as the So Pure Air Foam to wet hair frizzily.

  2. Next, use the Curl Cream to add definition to your curl.

  3. Now you can start blow-drying your hair with a diffuser and by hanging upside down.

  4. The So Pure Air Foam has a tendency to become firm. By kneading it loose when your hair is dry, your natural curls will eventually become fuller. You can just do this with your hands.

  5. Use Precision Powder on your roots for volume as a finishing touch.

The beachy look

Image of model with bouncy waves hair trend

If you have a nice natural waves in your hair, you are the perfect person for a beachy look. Here's how to do it:

  1. Apply the Salt Mousse to wet hair in sections. This mousse gives the extra texture you want for a beachy look.

  2. Also apply the Curl Cream to define your natural curl or waves.

  3. Next, you are going to blow dry your hair, but may keep a slightly rawer process. This allows you to blow dry a little more casually, shake your hair a little more and you can crunch your hair with your hands.

Creating natural curls without too much effort?

Don't have that much time and desire, but want to boost your natural curls more? Then we have the solution! Put a long-sleeved t-shirt upside down on the bed (preferably a satin t-shirt or one made of fine woven material). When you have applied styling products in your hair, lay your hair up on the t-shirt. Then you tie the sleeves of the t-shirt around your head (that is, the collar of the t-shirt is at your neck). Then fold the t-shirt forward and secure it under the sleeves at the front. Sleep with it overnight and you'll have an irresistible bunch of curls the next day!

But how do you get natural curls if you have straight hair?

From always straight hair to always natural curls becomes very tricky. This is because the type of hair you have is determined in your DNA. You can curl straight hair. You can do this with a curling iron, or with the popular heatless curls method. The latter we will explain to you.

  1. Apply a straightening product such as a mousse to towel-dried hair.

  2. Next, wrap your hair strand by strand. You can do this with silk cloths, socks, a heatless curl band or papillotes.

  3. You leave this in overnight so your hair can dry properly and the curl can get into your hair properly. So make sure your hair is bone dry when you unwrap your hair again. If necessary, blow-dry it a little more.

  4. To keep the curl in your hair for a long time, use a firming hairspray.

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