How do you get curls in your hair?

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Do you want a beautiful bunch of curls, but do you have naturally straight hair? There are several ways to get curls in your hair, both with a curling iron and without a curling iron. Our hair experts take you through all the options for curling your hair.

  • Curl with a curling iron

  • Curl with a flat iron

  • Curl with a hair dryer and curling brush

  • Heatless curls (curls without a curling iron)

  • Stimulate natural curls

Curling your hair with a curling iron

The first way to curl your hair is the most obvious: with a curling iron. Because of the heat from the curling iron, this is the most effective way to get curls in your hair, especially with straight hair. However, the heat from the curling iron also causes damage. Therefore, always make sure that you protect your hair well before you start curling your hair with a curling iron. Therefore, follow the following routine:

  1. Once you have washed your hair, apply a good styling product such as a mousse.

  2. It is then important that you dry your hair completely before you start using the curling iron. So let your hair dry completely first or blow dry it. Do put a heat protectant in your hair for this.

  3. Now you can get started with your curling iron. You can set the heat of your curling iron depending on the thickness and length of your hair. If you have longer hair, you'll probably need a hotter setting to keep the curl in your hair. Good to know: heat above 170 degrees can affect the durability of your hair color (if dyed).

  4. Now curl your hair strand by strand. When you put too thick strands of hair around your curling iron, it becomes more difficult to get the curl in your hair.

  5. When you've curled your entire hair, finish it off by spraying a hairspray into your hair.

Curl your hair with a flat iron

It is also possible to curl your hair with a flat iron. You have to get the hang of it, but then you get very nice curly hair. It is also important that you put a styling product in your hair when it is wet. And then completely dry your hair. Again, use a heat protectant to keep your hair healthy. Then place the hair straightener against the roots of your hair (be careful of your scalp) and twist the section of hair around the straightener once or twice. The smaller the tuft, the tighter the curl. Then take the straightener down and tada curls with a straightener!

Curl your hair with a hair dryer and curling brush

You won't get a real curly bunch with this method, but you will get volume in your hair and a very nice blow. We would like to say that this way takes practice, so take your time.

Before you start making curls with a hair dryer, wash your hair first. While it is still damp, put mousse in your hair. Then divide your hair into sections and get to work section by section. Roll your hair from the tip to the roots in the curling brush. Then blow dry the piece of hair that is in your brush. After blow-drying, wait a few seconds before rolling your hair out of the curling brush again. This ensures that your hair takes on the curl shape. Repeat this process section by section until your hair is dry. Finish it off by giving the locks firmness with hairspray.

Curling your hair without a curling iron (heatless curls)

Heatless curls are all the rage these days. Mainly because heat from a hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron can damage your hair. There are endless possibilities to curl your hair without a curling iron. We have listed the most popular ways for you.

  • Curls with rollers

  • Curls with braids

  • Curl up with a robe belt or leggings

  • Curls with socks

  • Curls with papillotes

  • Curl with straws or toilet paper

Curling with rollers

This is the most famous and traditional way to curl your hair without a curling iron. Make sure your hair is damp and that you put a mousse in it beforehand. Then roll the rollers pick by pick in your hair. You get the best result when you leave the rollers in your hair overnight. If this does not work, leave them in your hair for 1 to 2 hours for a good result. Which type of rollers you need depends on what type of curl you want in your hair. The larger the roller, the looser the curl, but with a lot of volume. For tighter curls, use small rollers.

Curls with braids

This is the easiest way to curl or curl your hair. The smaller the braids, the more curl you get in your hair. Here too, it is smart to keep your hair moist and to put mousse in it before you start braiding. Do it before going to bed, and let it dry overnight while you sleep. Make sure it is completely dry the next day before removing the braids from your hair.

Curl up with robe belt or leggings

You've probably seen the heatless curls movement on social media, where women wrap their hair around a band and secure it with scrunchies. You can also easily apply this method with a bathrobe belt or leggings. Make sure your hair is damp, add some mousse and part your hair. Then place the center of the band or leggings on your head so that the two ends on each side of your head fall past your hair. Then wrap your hair around the band or leggings on each side and secure with a scrunchie. You can then tie the bass coat belt, fold the leggings over your head with the hair underneath. Sleep with it for a night and tada!

Curling your hair with socks

Don't have leggings or a bathrobe belt? Then you can also get curls by wrapping a pair of socks in your hair. Again, make sure you have a part in your hair. Pin a sock upside down on each side of your head. Wrap your hair around the socks in the same way you would wrap your leggings or bathrobe belt. Once you get to the end, fold the sock around your hair and secure it.

Curling your hair with papillotes

Would you rather have smaller tight curls instead of wavy? Then it is best to use papillotes. You can roll this tightly into your hair and secure it. It only sleeps a little less well, because the papillotes are harder than socks. Still, it's worth the end result! Again, make sure that your hair is damp and that you have put mousse in your hair before you twist the papillotes in your hair. When you take them out the next day, your hair should be completely dry again.

Making curls with straws or toilet paper

Do you want really small and tight curls? Then it is best to roll your hair in toilet paper or straws. For this you have to do very small tufts of hair at a time. As a result, it takes more time to deploy it than the previous options. The easy thing about this is that you have toilet paper at home and you can easily secure it by simply tying a knot in the toilet paper.

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Asset Joanne van Hoeflaken
Joanne van Hoeflaken

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