Do's and don'ts when dyeing curly hair

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Do you want to know if it's wise to dye your curls? And if you do, what should you pay attention to when dyeing curly hair? We asked Keune's curly hairdressers for the do's & don'ts. So you can enjoy a new hair colour as well as beautiful healthy curls.

Dye curly hair without damaging it

To start with, it is good to realise that curls are a person's defining characteristic. If anything is changed about curly hair, it immediately changes the person's appearance as well. In addition, curly hair is more fragile than straight hair. Because of this, you have to be careful when dyeing it.

Do: before dyeing curly hair, seek advice from a curly hairdresser. Based on their knowledge and experience, they will know exactly what you can and cannot do with your curly hair.

Do: when a hairdresser advises you not to colour your curls, take his advice. There is hydrogen peroxide in hair dye to open your cuticles and allow the hair colour to penetrate your hair. However, this makes your hair stiff and dry. This can result in thinner hair or the disappearance of your curls.

Do: always have curly hair dyed by a hairdresser, and preferably by a specialised curly hairdresser. The breakpoints of curly hair are different, making it react differently to colouring than straight hair.

Do: go for a semi-permanent hair colouring without ammonia. In this process, the hair's existing pigments are not affected, but the new hair colour is placed over the hair's outer layer.

Don't: never dye curly hair yourself! Curly hair benefits from hair resilience and strength. If you colour it wrong, it will be to the detriment of your curls, and thus your look.

Don't: Never go for a complete decolourisation of your hair or a full head foil. This will have such an impact on your hair that you will most likely lose much of your curls in the first few weeks.

Curly hair and highlights

As we mentioned earlier, it is not advisable to dye your entire bunch of curly hair a completely different colour. Dyeing your hair is and always will be a chemical treatment that will make your curls drier and lose their elasticity. You also have to be careful with highlights if you have them placed throughout your hair. With highlights, your hair colour can be lifted slightly, giving it a more playful look. With curls, you just have to be careful not to overdo it. Ask your hairdresser for advice!

Which hair dye is best for curls?

Keune Semi Color is a perfect colour treatment for curls. This hair dye contains no ammonia, making it a mild hair dye. Keune Semi Color therefore makes it possible to dye your curls and keep them beautiful. For a Semi Color colour treatment, visit one of the Keune hairdressers near you.

What is the best way to take care of curly hair after dyeing?

It starts with a good shampoo and conditioner for curls. Preferably also a good hair mask now and then to nourish and restore your hair. Keune Curl Control products are enriched with keratin and specially designed for curly hair. Keratin ensures strong bonding of the hair a more resilience.

Avoid styling tools such as straightening irons. Your hair needs time to recover from the colour treatment. The heat from styling tools does not contribute to this. So try to stimulate your natural curls without styling tools.

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Asset Joanne van Hoeflaken
Joanne van Hoeflaken

Global Education Manager

At the helm of Keune's education program is Joanne. With the Education team, she trains and guides Keune hairstylists worldwide.

The international Education team knows all the ins and outs of cutting and coloring techniques, hair styling, and the latest hair trends.

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