Shampoo for a sensitive scalp

If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, not all hair shampoo's are suitable for you. These Keune shampoo's are mild and soften the skin.

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Shampoo for sensitive scalp

When you have a sensitive scalp, the search for a good shampoo is often a bit trickier. Stress, a vitamin deficiency or the use of (too) aggressive hair products can make the scalp sensitive.

Allergen-free ingredients

Many shampoos contain ingredients that your sensitive scalp reacts to, such as sulphates, alcohol, dyes or perfume. These ingredients are best avoided to prevent a sensitive scalp. Choose a mild shampoo specifically for sensitive scalps.

Our hairdresser shampoos are used by hairdressers in hundreds of salons worldwide. They are carefully formulated with allergen-free ingredients to actively combat and prevent redness, itching and irritation.

Care Derma for sensitive scalps

Our Care Derma range is specially developed for scalp health. There is a suitable shampoo and conditioner for every hair need.

  • Care Derma Sensitive is specially developed for people with a sensitive scalp.

  • Care Derma Activate offers the perfect products against hair loss.

  • Care Derma Exfoliate soothes the scalp and combats dandruff.

  • Care Derma Regulate restores the balance of oily hair and oily scalp.

The products contain no sulphates, alcohol or dyes and have an allergen-free perfume.

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