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Whether you’re just beginning or have been a hairdresser for decades – a continued focus on education should be an integral part of every salon, in every country. It’s the connection between our products, techniques, services, our happy clients, and everyone at Keune, worldwide.  With our training programs, we aim to unburden you, as salon owners and support you in developing your staff. Trying new things and learning new techniques allows you to connect and build a relationship with your customers.

We offer different levels of education to ensure each stylist can grow their knowledge and skills. All our training programs are a mixture of theory, hands-on creative activity, and inspiration. This way, each session is fresh, on-trend, and exciting. Our Global Education Team, which works closely with carefully selected Global Directors and Ambassadors, is responsible for developing our programs.

Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

What makes our training programs unique?

People learn in different ways. Extensive research has shown that creative people like hairstylists mainly learn by doing. Our learning method, Keune Dynamic Education, is based on this principle. This means our theory lessons are limited to what is essential. We also include lots of opportunities for stylists to interact with each other. Our educators act as personal coaches and are truly dedicated to helping the hairstylists get the most out of their learning experience.

Meet the Keune Educators

Keune Education

Keune Dynamic Education is based on the 70:20:10 rule which guarantees successful, lifelong learning. The 70:20:10 rule is a learning and development model that suggests a proportional breakdown of how people learn effectively and which expresses the importance of informal learning. According to the formula, individuals obtain 70% of their knowledge through hands-on experience, 20% through coaching and feedback, and 10% from formal education (theory). When hairstylists continue to learn, their knowledge and skills stay fresh and it’s easy to embrace new trends.

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics
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