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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

We live in a time that we embrace the natural texture of our hair. That means we don't straighten our curls every day with a flat iron. We rock our curls! We help you discover what type of curl you have and which products are best to use.

How do different types of curls come about?

What type of curls you have depends on several factors; your DNA, the shape of your hair follicles, and the way your hair falls. First, the genotype in your DNA determines what type of hair you have. In addition, the shape of your hair follicles affects the shape of your hair. When the hair follicles are oval in shape, it results in curls. This is because the hair has to come out of the hair follicle at a sharper angle. People with rounder hair follicles have straighter hair that also stays flatter on the head. Finally, curl types are determined by the shape of the hair itself. While some strands of hair are wavy next to each other, other strands of hair wind around each other. So it may very well be that you have different types of curls.

The famous Curl Chart

A curl type is often defined using the Curl Chart. There are four types of curls that we indicate with the numbers 1 to 4. In which 1 is the straightest and 4 the most curled. Within each variety, you still have a difference in how tight or lose a curl is. This is indicated by letters. For example, A is a looser curl than a C.

Image of Keune Curl Type Chart
Curl type 2 - Wavy hair

Curl type 2 is not completely straight and not completely curled. We also call it wavy hair:

Curl type 2A

Curl type 2A is the loosest wave and is usually characterized by a handful of light curves in the hair. They have little volume and can be easily straightened.

Curl type 2B

Curl type 2B tends more toward the S-shape of a curl, especially in the tips of the hair. Still lays flat on the scalp.

Curl type 2C

Curl type 2C comes closest to curly hair. Many people with curl type 2C have coarse wavy hair with a few sections of curls.

Curl type 2 celebrities include Lorde and Kate Hudson.

Photo of curl type 2

Product Recommendation: Look for a product designed to add grip and texture to accentuate the wave. Think sea salt sprays and texturizers, such as Style Salt Mousse and the Style Salt Mist.

Curl type 3 - Curly hair

Curl type 3 ranges from a light curl to a full curl and usually has a combination of textures. Compared to curl type 2, curl type 3 has more height and volume.

Curl type 3A

Curl type 3A has a loose S-shaped spiral that you often have to give volume to yourself.

Curl type 3B

Curl type 3B also has an S-shaped spiral but more volume than curl type 3A.

Curl type 3C

Curl type 3C are tight spiral curls that are close together.

Curl type 3 celebrities include Rihanna and Alicia Keys.

Image of model with curl type 3

Product Recommendation: Look for a product specifically designed to add definition and hydration, such as the Style Curl Cream.

Curl type 4 - Kinky hair

Curl type 4 is the curliest hair type that is characterized by a lot of volumes, but is also fragile and dry. Curl type 4 often refers to afro hair.

Curl type 4A

Curl type 4A has an S-shaped spiral and is very resilient.

Curl type 4B

Curl type 4B has a Z shape that is bent at sharp angles.

Curl type 4C

Curl type 4C resembles curl type 4B but forms a tighter curl which makes the hair more vulnerable.

Curl Type 4 celebrities include Viola Davis and Willow Smith.

Image of model with curl type 4

Product recommendation: Look for a product that provides intensive nourishment to the hair and makes coarse or frizzy hair smooth and supple, such as the Lumi Coat Supreme Cream.