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Lak za lase Keune zagotavlja močno pritrditev vaše pričeske in ohranja lase trdno v formi. Izberite lak za lase za volumen, prilagodljivo držanje ali naraven sijaj.

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Hair spray by Keune

Hairspray is a versatile styling product and gives your carefully styled hair the finishing touch. Hairspray comes in different types: for volume, stronghold, natural shine, or especially for colored hair.

Which hairspray is good for your hair?

For some hair types, the only serious hold is good for you. For curls or a full head of hair, we recommend the Keune Style High Impact Spray, a hairspray that provides extra firmness. This Keune hairspray remains 24 hours and protects with the UV filter. Do you have finer hair? Then use the Keune Style Soft Set Spray. Add volume to the hair by spraying the hairspray at the roots and then section by section. It is best to use hairspray on towel-dried hair. Then blow-dry the hair vigorously with a round brush. Keune Blend Gloss Spray is the best hairspray for when you want to add more shine to your hair.

Keune hairspray is available for men and women.