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Keune pomade je styling izdelek za moške z elegantno in gladko frizuro. Naj vaši lasje zasijejo in poskrbijo za vsestransko oblikovanje.

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Keune pomade for men

Are you looking for the best pomade for men? Then we recommend you try Keune pomade. With the Keune hair pomade, you create the 50s and 60s look. A pomade is a fairly wet styling product and has an oily substance. With this, you can let your hair shine and style with precision. Thanks to the addition of creatine and hemp seed extract, the Keune pomade has a formula that stimulates hair growth and nourishes and strengthens the hair.

Hair pomade is suitable for short to medium-length hair. Although pomade for all hair types can be used, hair pomade is ideal for men with dry hair. It is best to use pomade like hair gel. Apply a small lick of pomade on dry or slightly damp hair and style the hair into the desired model.

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