Keune Serum

Serum za lase zagotavlja vrhunsko nego suhih, poroznih in kovrčavih las. Koncentrirano čudežno zdravilo popravlja, ščiti in vlaži. Učinek? Mehki, gladki in sijoči lasje.

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Keune Hair Serum

Are you looking for a miracle cure in a small bottle? A hair serum offers everything you need!

What is a hair serum?

Hair serum is hair oil, shine agent, and anti-lint formula all in one. The difference between hair oil and hair serum is that hair oil penetrates the hair and nourishes it from within, while hair serum applies a layer around the hair. Therefore, a hair serum provides full-fledged protection from the hits of styling tools.

A serum is perfect against dry hair. In fact, a hair serum locks moisture into the hair and smooths out frizz. All this without weighing hair down or making it greasy. When you have dry hair and still want to style it with a hot styling tool, hair serum is your solution.