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Keune balzami zagotavljajo zdravo lasišče in zdrave lase. Keunejevi izdelki za nego las so bili razviti za optimizacijo stanja las in lasišča.

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Keune Conditioner

Are you looking for a good hair conditioner that provides a nourishing base for your hair? With the Keune Conditioner you will have matchless and silky hair in no time. Additional advantage: all products are developed in our own Keune Lab and we never test on animals.

For each hair type we have a hair conditioner. For example, the Absolute Volume makes thin hair thicker and makes it easier to style thin hair. A good curl conditioner can be found in the Curl Control line from Keune. With this conditioner, your curls turn shiny, lint-free, and resilient. Are you looking for a natural conditioner? Look between the products of Keune So Pure. This line is completely vegan. And we would not be Keune if we would not offer color conditioner: Care Color Brillianz Conditioner.

With a good professional conditioner from Keune prevent and remedy hair and head problems. With the nurturing effect and effective formulas, Keune conditioners offer the right care for every hair and scalp. Hair loss, dandruff, dull, damaged, or frizzy hair are in the paste with the Keune hair conditioners.

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