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Z volumskim pudrom iz Keune lahko enostavno oblikujete lase. Lasni puder daje volumen lasem po potrebi. Rezultat? Impresivna glava las.

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Keune Volume Powder

A volumizing powder is characterized by extra texture and an impressively voluminous forest. At Keune we know how to give her volume with powder. For each hair type, there is the best volume powder.

For example, the Keune Style Precision Powder is an ideal volume powder for thin to normal hair. With this volumizing powder spray, you can apply exactly where it is needed. This hair powder absorbs moisture and grease to create grip, texture, and volume. The Keune Style Volume Powder is a volume powder for normal to thick hair. This powder in the hair is super fine and lightweight, but still knows a lot of volumes to bring. For a lifting effect and a voluminous look choose the volume powder Keune Blend Volume Powder. This allows you to let your creativity run free and you can finally combine.

Styling tip: combine the Keune Volume Powder with a Salt Mousse on slightly damp hair to accentuate waves.