Keune Krema

Krema za lase Keune je bila sestavljena z največjo skrbjo, še posebej za vaš tip las. Od kreme za lase za kodre do kreme za suhe ali rahle lase.

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Keune Cream

By treating your hair with a hair cream, you provide subtle styling and nourishment-in-one. Hair creams are used to bring dry hair back into top condition and have a restorative effect on damaged hair.

Keune Care Curl Control Defining Cream hair cream for curls gives definition and activates curls. The cream for hair nourishes and moisturizes and provides supple and smooth hair. The ideal hair cream for frizzy hair.

Keune Style Volume Thickening Cream is a hair cream for dry and damaged hair. This hair cream offers heat protection up to 230°C to protect thin and brittle hair during styling. Volume and natural shine is the result, with this hair cream for dry hair.

Keune So Pure Curl Enhancer provides bouncy curls and gives definition to naturally wavy, curly or permed hair. This lightweight hair cream for curls is paraben-free and enriched with natural argan oil to moisturize and nourish the hair.

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