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Mehča in vlažilna olja za lase zagotavljajo voljne lase, ki izžarevajo zdravje. Privoščite svojim lasem razkošno nego z oljem za lase iz Keune in se poslovite od kovrčavih, suhih las.

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Keune Hair Oil

The Keune hair oil provides intensive care and hydration to the hair. Perfect when you want to protect your hair, but also want to accentuate the shine. There are different types of hair oils with different effects. Also for your hair, there is the best hair oil.

Keune for example has nourishing hair oil for dry hair. There is also a hair oil that gives protection during sunny weather. The SPF in the hair oil keeps harmful UV radiation, so the hair color is preserved. In addition, we have a nourishing hair oil for thick and coarse hair.

A key ingredient you often see in hair oil is argan. Argan is rich in vitamins A and E and repairs split ends. Often argan hair oil is recommended for thin or brittle hair. In addition, it is also recommended for hair loss.

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