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Advice for scalp care

Tips to care for your scalp

Beautiful and healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Discover how you can best care for your scalp and what to do with certain scalp problems. Read all about Keune Care Derma - our product line for the most common scalp problems.

Article about scalp care

Image of Keune Care Derma Peeling

Keune Care Derma Peeling

Nourishing head massage

Derma Peeling is a gentle exfoliator to renew your scalp and it deeply cleanses and purifies the scalp by removing dead skin cells and product buildup. It provides an excellent routine for who want to improve their scalp care.

  • It stimulates cell renewal by reducing the thickness of the top layer of skin cells

  • It helps loosen dead skin cells

  • It conditions and moisturises which help promote hair growth

Go to your Keune salon for more information about this treatment.

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