Tips for dyeing your hair with a sensitive scalp

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Do you suffer from a sensitive scalp and still want to dye your hair? You can. The Keune hair experts tell you what to watch out for when you dye your hair with a sensitive scalp. They also give tips on what to do if you suffer from sensitive scalp after dyeing, such as irritation and burning.

What is a sensitive scalp?

At Keune, we speak of a sensitive scalp when you suffer from redness, itching, irritation or a burning sensation. There are all sorts of factors such as air pollution, stress, vitamin deficiency or the use of (too) aggressive products that make the scalp sensitive. For healthy hair, a healthy scalp is essential.

Going to the hairdresser with a sensitive scalp?

Don't wash your hair three days beforehand. Your scalp is then protected by a protective layer of natural oils. This makes the hair dye less likely to irritate your scalp. An extra tip: do not wash your hair too often and do not use too hot water. The scalp is very sensitive and can easily dry out. This also ensures that the colour lasts longer. So it's a win-win situation! When washing your hair, use a shampoo for sensitive scalps, like our Care Derma Sensitive Shampoo. This shampoo does not affect your colour.

Tell your hairdresser if you suffer from a sensitive scalp. They can then use products for sensitive scalps. Before or during colouring, the hairdresser can apply a caring lotion or spray. This will help soothe the scalp. After dyeing, they may choose to wash out your hair twice with an after colour shampoo so that no excess product is left in your hair. Afterwards, they can apply a nourishing mask or leave-in product for hydration.

Which hair dye is suitable for a sensitive scalp?

The hairdresser will choose an appropriate hair colour for sensitive scalps, such as an ammonia-free hair colour. Do you go to a Keune salon? Then ask about our So Pure Color or Semi Color. So Pure Color is a vegan and plant-based hair dye. It contains nourishing protein for healthy hair and is rich in vitamins A and E to strengthen hair and scalp. Keune's Semi Color is a demi permanent hair colour. It contains natural ingredients such as 'Boswellia serrata', 'gum' and 'bisabolol' to protect and soothe the scalp. These botanical ingredients reduce inflammation and itching of the scalp.

What to do in case of an allergic reaction to hair dye?

Before having your hair dyed, we recommend scheduling an allergy test at the hairdresser's. The test involves smearing a bit of hair dye behind your ear or on the inside of your arm. For the next two days, keep an eye on how your skin reacts. Do you have no redness, itching, irritation or burning sensation? Then you can get your hair dyed. Do you get an allergic reaction after the allergy test? Don't worry, chances are you can still dye your hair. Look for a solution together with your hairdresser. For example, the colour can be applied less close to the scalp, such as with a balayage.

If you experience itching or burning during dyeing, tell your hairdresser right away. The hairdresser can rinse out the dye right away. It can also happen that you have an allergic reaction after dyeing. An allergic reaction can occur suddenly and can have many different reasons. Factors such as pollution, stress, a vitamin deficiency or the use of (too) aggressive products can make the scalp sensitive. Symptoms vary from person to person. Do you experience severe itching, irritation or a severe burning sensation? If so, make an appointment with a dermatologist. In the meantime, take extra care of your scalp with our Care Derma Sensitive Lotion or Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray. Brush your hair gently and sit on it as little as possible.

Which products do we recommend for a sensitive scalp?

If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, not all hair products are suitable. Using Keune products specifically for sensitive scalps can actively combat redness, itching, inflammation and irritation. Use mild shampoos for sensitive scalps and alternate with a colour shampoo once a week:

  • Derma Sensitive Shampoo

  • Color Brillianz Shampoo

  • Tinta Color Shampoo

This will keep your scalp moisturised and your colour longer. So you don't have to go to the hairdresser as often, which is better for your scalp. Use a conditioner or hair mask after washing. Between washes, you can give your scalp extra care with our nourishing lotion or spray:

  • Derma Sensitive Conditioner

  • Derma Sensitive Mask

  • Derma Sensitive Lotion

  • Vital Protein Spray

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Asset Joanne van Hoeflaken
Joanne van Hoeflaken

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