Everything you need to know about Balayage

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Keune Hair Cosmetics

For years, balayage has been immensely popular. This is mainly because balayage gives a natural sun-kissed effect to the hair. It is a natural and low-maintenance technique that is customized for each hair type.

What is balayage exactly?

The word "balayage" comes from the French language and is translated as "sweeping." The hairdresser, therefore, applies balayage with light sweeps on the hair surface. During the color treatment, the hairdresser works with different color shades that blend into each other. Depending on your wishes this either gives a subtle or a more expressive result.

What is the difference between balayage and highlights?

You find the difference in the method of application and in the effect the coloring has. With highlights, people often refer to the blonde sections that are placed from the scalp in the hair with foils or foam foils. Highlights give more depth to the hair. Balayage, on the other hand, is applied freehand in the hair and usually begins only a few inches from the scalp. Because of this technique, the color transition looks very natural and you get a sun-kissed effect without the outgrowth being very noticeable.

Image of a dark balayage

What color balayage suits you best?

A balayage is possible for almost every color of hair and length. The right color for you depends on your current hair color and skin tone, and of course the effect you have in mind. It may be that you want certain accents in your face to stand out more. A hairdresser can use different techniques for this.

Ask your hairdresser for advice and read our tips on how to find out which hair color suits you best.

Image of woman with highlights

How to maintain your balayage?

Do you want to keep your hair color as beautiful as when you just left the salon? Then the advice is to visit the salon regularly to put a toner treatment on your lighter locks. 

At home, it's important to choose a product that meets the needs of your hair. Is it dry? Then choose a moisturizing hair mask. Does your hair turn yellow quickly? Then choose a good silver shampoo. Also, lifted hair is more vulnerable to damage from the sun. A hair protector with UV protection keeps the quality of the hair good and prevents the hair from becoming dry. Don't you have that much time, but still want to take care of your hair? Then you can always opt for a leave-in hair product. This doesn't need to be rinsed out and provides all-day care.

Image of model with balayage

Practical information

How long does a balayage take?

Setting a balayage can take several hours. Usually around 2 hours, but depending on your needs it can take longer.

How much does a balayage cost?

Each salon uses its own rates and therefore the cost of a balayage can vary a lot. In addition, the length of your hair and your wishes also influence the price. 

How often should you touch up a balayage?

A balayage is very low maintenance and the need for touch-ups depends on how quickly you feel the effect needs to be improved. Because of the natural effect, a balayage only needs to be touched up every 2 to 4 months.

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