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A brush that suits your hair type is indispensable if you want to take good care of your hair. Using a brush incorrectly or of poor quality can damage the hair. Especially when you use your hairbrush daily. That is why using a good hairbrush is just as important as proper hair care. There are many different types of hair brushes, but which one suits your hair type? Read all about it in this blog and find the perfect hairbrush.

What types of hair brushes are there?

Which goal or effect you want to achieve is important when choosing a hairbrush. Do you want to detangle and smooth your hair or do you want to style, curl or give your hair volume? We explain the different brushes to you.

Detangling and smoothing

Paddle Brush

A paddle brush is a large, angular brush with nylon bristles with balls on top. The balls ensure that your scalp is protected against scratches. They stimulate the scalp, so that natural oils spread faster and your hair will look nice and smooth and shiny. The pins are attached to a rubber pad. As a result, the pins move flexibly during brushing and glide gently through your hair. In addition, the paddle brush is also antistatic. This brush has a large surface and is therefore very suitable for long and thick hair.

Image of Olivia Garden brush 2

Pneumatic Brush

The pneumatic brush is similar to the paddle brush. The shape is oval and has a smaller surface. This brush is often made of boar hair, but also in combination with nylon pins or just nylon pins. This makes the brush suitable for all hair types and lengths.

Detangler Brush

The detangler brush is a collective name for hair brushes that resemble the Tangle Teezer. The shape differs, but the material is always plastic. The pins are thin and flexible, making them easier to slide through your hair. This brush detangles your hair painlessly and is suitable for thick hair.

Detangler Brush

Style, curl or volume

Round brush

The brush for a perfect blow-out. With a round brush you create curls, waves or volume in the hair. You use it in combination with a hair dryer. Round brushes with openings where hairs protrude are often made of ceramic. Without openings, they are usually made of wood. They are available in different diameters. A smaller diameter gives firm curls and is best suited for short hair. Do you want to give medium or long hair more volume or wave? Then choose a larger diameter.

Round Brush

Backcombing brush

With a teasing brush you can give more volume to your hair. A teasing brush is usually long, narrow and flat. They are made of nylon and boar hair. Combing against the hair creates volume. Backcombing is very effective, but try not to do it too often. It's not that good for your hair.

Styling brush

This is the most versatile brush in the list. With a styling brush you can style, detangle and give more volume to the hair. The brush is usually made of plastic and has a semi-cylindrical shape. The pins are secured in a rubber cushion and arranged in rows of five, seven or nine. This brush is suitable for all hair types and ideal for short to medium hair. The surface is smaller than that of the paddle brush, which means that brushing long hair takes longer.

Vent brush

A vent brush is ideal for creating volume in short to medium length hair. It is often used in conjunction with a hair dryer to quickly dry and style hair. Because the brush has openings, the warm air of the hair dryer can easily pass through. This makes your hair dry faster. By lifting your hair with the pins of the brush you create volume.

Vent brush

Which bristles for which hair type?

When you know which type of hairbrush you want, it is important to see which type of bristles and/or pins suit your hair type. These can help you make your hair look even better if you choose the right one. The types are:

Boar hair

A boar bristle brush is ideal for short and fine hair. They are thin, flexible hairs that are 100% natural. As a result, the hair is not damaged and prevents hair breakage. In addition, boar hair provides shiny, smooth and soft hair. Due to the high density of the bristles, these brushes are less suitable for thick and long hair.

Synthetic hair / nylon bristle

Many brushes are made of nylon bristles. This brush offers a good grip on the hair and ensures that you can detangle your hair painlessly. This brush is best suited for long, thick and unruly hair.

Boar hair and synthetic hair

A brush that is suitable for both thin and thick hair is a brush with a combination of boar bristles and synthetic bristles.

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Asset Joanne van Hoeflaken
Joanne van Hoeflaken

Global Education Manager

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