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Custom hair care that starts with you

Keune You

81% of women experience multiple hair concerns. However, only 26% of women find an all-in-one hair product that caters to their needs. That’s where Keune You comes in. Products your hairdresser can customize for each and every hair issue.


What is Keune You?

Keune You is a care product based on the needs of your hair completely personalized by the hairdresser. The hairdresser uses a basic Keune shampoo and/or conditioner and adds nourishing elixirs to it. This allows a perfect combination to be created for everyone.

With over 100 possible combinations we create a world of solutions to keep the hair healthy and the color beautiful. You can get the product applied in the salon or have it tailor-made for home use.

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The sky is the limit

How does Keune You work?

Step 1. Consult in salon
When you are in the salon, your hairdresser will draw up a recommendation for your hair. Next, your hairdresser chooses two different elixirs. These can be conditioning elixirs or elixirs that preserve the color. These elixirs are added to a perfect base shampoo and/or conditioner.

Step 2. Personalizing
The products are packaged in beautiful, luxurious, personalized bottles. Your hairdresser notes the combination of elixirs, your name, and the date when the product was created. This way you can always go back to get a new Keune You.

Step 3. Home use
Before use, shake the bottle until the elixirs are well mixed with the base product and you can start with optimal hair care.


What are elixirs?

An elixir is a hair care product that is often added to shampoos and conditioners. At Keune You we use six elixirs for care and four for color maintenance. Each caring elixir contains unique technologies for volume, smoothness, shine, care, curl, and color.

The elixirs for color maintenance contain highly concentrated pigments to maintain cool blonde, red, copper, and cool brown hair. The elixirs can also be used in combination with Keune treatments, such as Bond Fusion, Miracle Elixir, and Care masks.

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