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Healthy, radiant locks start at the foundation: your scalp. It's the place where your hair follicles originate. That's why it's essential to take good care of your scalp. One of the best ways to do this is by using a scalp brush. But what exactly is a scalp brush? And how can you use it effectively?

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What is a Scalp Brush?

A scalp brush is specially designed for cleaning and massaging your scalp. It looks like a regular brush but is made of silicone bristles and has a compact shape. The scalp is where oils, dandruff, and residues of styling products accumulate. This can lead to dull hair, slowed hair growth, irritation, and itching. Cleaning your hair with shampoo will help with this. But washing your hair too much is not good for the scalp. The scalp brush comes to the rescue, providing a thorough cleansing of the scalp.

Keune introduces the 'Coco' scalp brush

‘Coco’ is an ode to Cornelia Keune. Together with her husband Jan Keune, she founded Keune in 1922 with a mission to create the best products for your hair. ‘Coco’ is a luxurious scalp brush that gently massages your scalp and uplifts your hair care routine.

What are the benefits of a Scalp Massage?

A massage with a scalp brush offers many benefits for both your scalp and hair. Here are some reasons why a scalp massage should not be missing from your hair routine:

1. Stimulates blood circulation

The circular movements of the massage brush stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

2. Removes dead skin cells

A scalp massage helps remove dead skin cells and prevents clogged hair follicles on the scalp.

3. Relieves stress

This delightful massage is relaxing and can reduce stress. So it's not only beneficial for your scalp but also for your overall well-being.

4. Improves the absorption of hair products

By massaging the scalp, you open the pores and improve product absorption.

How to use a Scalp Brush? 

The scalp brush is easy to use. Make sure to incorporate this brush into your hair routine. Follow the steps below for effective cleansing and massage: Step 1: Wet your hair and apply a nourishing shampoo. Step 2: Gently massage the scalp with the scalp brush in circular motions. Step 4: Continue to massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes. Step 5: Rinse your hair thoroughly and use your regular conditioner.

Tips from our pro’s: Skip the conditioner or mask. Instead, apply the revolutionary Revive Balm to towel-dried hair to beat hair breakage. Repeat this process 1 or 2 times a week, depending on your needs and hair type. The result? A soft and cleansed scalp.

Is scrubbing your scalp good?

Scrubbing your scalp with a scalp brush is the ultimate way to remove dead skin cells and styling product build-up. It can help keep a sensitive scalp healthy and clean.

However, be cautious and don't do this too often, as excessive scrubbing can irritate your scalp. How often should you use the scalp brush then? Once or twice a week is usually sufficient to experience the benefits without causing damage.

What is the result? 

After the first use of the scalp massager, you may not notice changes right away, but over time, the benefits can become clearer. Keep an eye on the following signs to track the improvements:

  • Less frequent oily hair

A well-cleansed scalp can help reduce excess sebum, resulting in less oily hair.

  • Less itching and irritation

If you suffer from an itchy or irritated scalp, a scalp massage can provide relief. Our Care Derma Sensitive Shampoo can also help with this. This shampoo contains Scalp Soothing Complex, which calms the scalp and reduces itching.

  • Stronger, healthier hair

By stimulating blood circulation, hair growth is promoted, ensuring that your hair feels stronger and healthier.

  • Better absorption of hair care products

You'll notice that your products are better absorbed, leading to your desired hair results. Conclusion? A scalp brush is a simple yet powerful tool for a healthy scalp.

By using this unique brush 1 to 2 times a week, you lay the foundation for beautiful and healthy hair.

In conclusion, a scalp brush is a simple yet powerful tool for a healthy scalp. By using this unique brush 1 to 2 times a week, you lay the foundation for beautiful and healthy hair.

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Asset Joanne van Hoeflaken
Joanne van Hoeflaken

Global Education Manager

At the helm of Keune's education program is Joanne. With the Education team, she trains and guides Keune hairstylists worldwide.

The international Education team knows all the ins and outs of cutting and coloring techniques, hair styling, and the latest hair trends.

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