Keune launches iconic NFTs

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Keune Haircosmetics is the first Dutch hair brand to launch NFTs. The non-fungible tokens are inspired by four iconic products from Keune history. The products were groundbreaking for their time and made an important contribution to the development of hair styling, coloring, and care. The brand now translates the hair icons into a future-proof version, the products are immortalized into digital works of art. Instagram users have a chance to get one of the NFTs for free and thus own an exclusive piece of art today.

Image of NFT Digital Artwork
From physical to virtual

With this step, Keune is the first Dutch hair brand in the field of NFTs, where it is special that the NFTs can be won via the Keune Instagram page. The hair brand follows other innovative brands such as Gucci, Nike, and Burberry, who also released a virtual version of their products for the first time earlier this year. Global Marketing Director Akram Bouadli explains: “Keune has been around for almost 100 years and in all these years the brand has always found ways to innovate. Innovation is in our DNA. A step into the virtual world is therefore a logical next step. Nike bought an NFT company this year, let's just have the ambition to become the Nike of the professional hair care industry."

Image of NFT Digital Artwork
Hair innovations of generations

Keune Haircosmetics has been developing groundbreaking hair products for professionals since 1922. For example, the family business was the first European manufacturer of permanent liquids and they created the formulas of the products below themselves in their Dutch laboratory. CEO Eelco Keune, the third generation within Keune, is now continuing this innovative course by emphasizing brand building.

Contemporary artist Conny Paap now has the honor to illustrate the products and in this way to immortalize them into digital art. The following products are released as NFT:

  • The first cold permanent liquid, launched in 1951 by Jan Keune

  • The first hair gel, launched in 1961 by George Keune Sr.

  • Tinta Color, launched in 1990, by George Keune Sr. in collaboration with Atse Korndorffer

  • The Keune Care range, relaunched in 2016 by Eelco Keune

Image of NFT Digital Artwork
Have a chance to win the Keune NFT

You have a chance to win an NFT by commenting on Keune's Instagram story on December 23, 2021. The lucky winners of the unique art will be contacted via Direct Message on Instagram on December 29, 2021.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token: a non-exchangeable digital file, which serves as unique proof of ownership of digital art. You can create an NFT of anything digital, such as songs, photos, videos, Twitter posts, articles, and TikTok videos. You can then “use” this in the virtual world, i.e. the metaverse, such as in a game or Instagram post. NFTs have been booming since last year and are also referred to as a “virtual gold mine”, with prices reaching into the millions. For example, last September Dolce&Gabbana sold 9 designs as NFTs for $5.65 million and the very first tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was sold for $2.9 million.

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