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Are you conscious about the impact of your hair care on the environment and people? At Keune believe we should take care of everything and everyone. That's why we developed So Pure: a range of all-natural hair care products. These hair products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Find out all the ins & outs about natural care for your hair.

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What is natural hair care

Keune So Pure is a range of vegan and natural hair care products. You may wonder... what is natural hair care?

So Pure products contain certified natural plant extracts such as avocado, soothing chamomile, cooling mint and rosemary, and invigorating lavender oil. Quinoa proteins repair hair from within. Instead of sulfates, we use guar gum and coconut oil. All natural hair products from Keune So Pure are enriched with argan oil for more moisture, shine and protection.