This is how you create a glamorous look yourself!

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Do you want to look fabulous for Christmas? Our Keune hair experts tell you how to create an amazing Christmas hairstyle with just a few hair products. This way you will still look glamorous at Christmas!

What do you need for a glamorous Christmas look?
  • Salt Mist

  • Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray

  • Brilliant Gloss Spray

  • Hairdryer

  • Round brush

  • A big hair roller

How do you create this glamorous Christmas look?

1. Before you start styling your Christmas haircut, we advise you to wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. This ensures that your hair has no other product residues and you have a good base for your Christmas look. Make sure your hair is towel dry.

2. Spray the Salt Mist on the roots of your hair and spray the Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray passé by passé in the lengths of your hair. This way you ensure maximum shine. Then blow dry your hair with a brush that you run through thin sections of your hair in a circular motion.

The Salt Mist provides the Va Va Voom effect and the Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray gives your hair a beautiful shine and protects your hair against the heat of the hair dryer.

3. When your hair is still warm from the blow dryer, place the hair roller in the front of the fringe of your hair. Let this sit for about five minutes until your hair has cooled completely. By letting the hair cool down, you create maximum hold.

4. If you need some firmness in your Christmas hairstyle, you can use the Freestyle Spray or a Soft Set Spray at the roots of your hair. These hairsprays do not weigh down the hair and provide a soft finish.

5. Finally, spray the Brilliant Gloss Spray into your hair for an extra shiny effect in your Christmas hairstyle! Va Va Voom and you're good to go!

Christmas look for men!

There's nothing wrong with a little glam with the guys during the holidays. You have created a beautiful Christmas look in no time.

Image of a Christmas look for men
What do you need for this Christmas look?
  • 1922 Tough Texture Spray

  • 1922 Original Pomade

  • Hairdryer

  • Denman brush

How do you create this Christmas look?

1. We also recommend washing your hair for men before you start this amazing Christmas hairstyle. Make sure your hair is towel dry.

2. Spray the 1922 Tough Texture Spray into the hair for maximum durability.

3. Blow dry your hair with a Denman brush. This brush ensures that you can blow dry your roots firmly without making the Christmas look too voluminous. Place the Denman brush against your hair and blow-dry while blowing the hair to the side or up in one smooth motion. Do you want extra volume? Hold the brush up and make sure to blow the hair up. This way you get a beautifully polished Christmas look.

4. Complete your Christmas hairstyle with the 1922 Original Pomade for maximum shine in your hair. This way you are assured of a shiny Christmas!

5. Extra tip: we have a delicious Eau de Toilette that will complete your Christmas look in combination with the 1922 hair products. Do you have a beard? Then add a little beard oil for a soft effect and a wonderful scent.

Keune wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year!

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