The Rachel Haircut is Getting an Update in 2023

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You don’t need to be a dedicated Friends fan to know what “The Rachel” haircut is. Made famous by Jennifer Anniston’s character, in the 90s it became a top requested cut. It has shaped haircut trends ever since. Heading into a new season, opt for the original or a hybrid version of this cult-classic cut.

What is the Rachel haircut?

The original Rachel haircut featured 90s layers and tons of face-framing pieces. The result created a rounded, bouncy blowout with plenty of volume. The only problem with this cut, according to Anniston, was how high maintenance it was for her hair. This realization is what helped modernize the cut today.

How stylists are modernizing the cut:

The main takeaways from this cut are volume, face-framing layers, and a mid-length look. Instead of copying the original Rachel, we’ve seen a slew of hybrid haircuts take its place. The Brachel, the Sachel, the Butterfly Cut, the Wolf Cut, the Octopus Cut, and the Midi Flick.

The Brachel

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The Sachel

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The Butterfly Cut

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The Wolf Cut

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The Octopus Cut 

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The Midi Flick

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The big difference between the original and the updated versions are the layers. They are softer, and tailored to each person's hair type and texture. This makes styling easier, whether air-drying or using heat. The modern version also has more length to complement the individuals face shape.

What about the color?

Before the Rachel, highlights were chunky, and styling was finding its footing. Anniston’s sun-kissed highlights also inspired a new era of understated elegance. The classic look included face-framing highlights with a bold contrast. The updated version has no rules about color. It is more important to work with what you’ve got to enhance the effortless finish.

How to style the updated Rachel:

This cut is all about the vibe, and that vibe is effortless. Although, achieving the finish may be far from low-maintenance. This cut is voluminous with a smooth and shiny finish that isn’t straight or wavy.

Products to get the look:
  • Cleanse: Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Prep: Care Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray

  • Style: Style Brilliant Gloss Spray

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