Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

About Keune Haircosmetics

Hi we're Keune!

Keune is a third-generation family-owned global company located in Soest, Netherlands. We source the highest quality ingredients and manufacture our products with you in mind. Our color, care, styling, and grooming products are designed for all people and hair types. We invite you to try our products; we made something just for you.

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Welcome to the world of keune

Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Keune's history

It all started in 1922 with Jan Keune, a pharmacist from Amsterdam, and his fascination for curls. He started experimenting and producing hair products above the drugstore he ran with his wife, Cornelia. Jan Keune developed a permanent liquid formula that was superior to curling hair by heating irons over gas burners. It became a resounding success, and in 1925, Jan and Cornelia put the Keune name on their drugstore.

Keune Cares

We are on a mission! As a family business, we firmly believe that our responsibility is to care for the planet and people. We do this through our sustainability program Keune Cares, with future generations in mind.

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics
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