The New Tinta Color Is Better Than Ever

Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

What does hair color mean to you? Hair color is one of the best ways to express your personality - whether you are the stylist applying it or the client wearing it.

If you know anything about Keune, you know that the permanent line Tinta Color is a brand staple. The latest update to Tinta Color gives hair stylists the power to create colors like no other.

With 100 years of beauty experience and 32 years of color experience, Keune's focus on sustainability and performance drives the brand forward. The new Tinta Color features 10 new shades, sustainable packaging, and an enhanced vegan and gluten-free formula. Expect powerful results every time.

The details:
  • Sustainability. Keune aims to make 100% of its packaging recyclable, reusable, and/or refillable by 2028.Doing so means Keune can sort up to and recycle 71 tons of plastic. Using 100% recycled aluminum for the Tinta Tubes avoids up to 82 tons of virgin aluminum.

  • The Shades. There are 10 new colors — six Fashion Colors, one Mix Color, and three Shade Shifters. The additions mean hair stylists can create up to 650 custom colors. There are also three improved shades to further enhance your results.

  • Improved Performance. Kinder to the planet and your hair, Keune enriched the formula with new vegan and gluten-free ingredients. Your color will feel as great as it looks.

What the Pros Are Saying

"Being a Tinta Color user for the last 16 years, I've always believed that Tinta Color is a colorist's color line. It gives you all the tools and resources that allow a colorist to create anything. The additions to Tinta Color just took that statement to a new level. The Shade Shifters took an already extensive portfolio and turned it into a true masterpiece. It has made me rethink and reimagine all of my color formulas." — Keune Creative Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek

How to Use the New Tinta Color

The updated Tinta Color mixes in the same way as the existing Tinta Color, and you can even mix them together. The new packaging with the updated formula will phase in as the current packaging phases out. You'll experience the same consistency, longevity, and ease of application.

What's New to Tinta Color

Shade Shifters

The Shade Shifters are an exciting update to Tinta Color. These base-free shades allow you to create and expand the current portfolio. Understanding how and when to use them will be critical to their success. The Shade Shifters can shift existing shades, dilute formulas, and lift/lighten natural hair. You will love exploring your options and seeing what these three shades are capable of.

Redesigned Naming Practice

Tinta Color will follow the same level system as before. But with a few updates to some of the names and tonalities.

  • Some Fashion Shades with names like Matte, Amber, and Hazelnut are updated to their tonal name instead of a descriptive name.

  • For example – Tinta Color 7.19. The existing name is Medium Matte Blonde, and the updated name is Medium Ash Green Blonde. For shades like this, nothing has changed other than the name itself.

  • The color character .8 Brown will now be referred to as Mocha. This prevents confusion between the Brown level and the color character Brown.

Enriched Formula

Now vegan and gluten-free, Tinta Color is an obvious choice for the ingredient-conscious. The added Nourishing Complex ensures up to 75% more fiber nourishment*, 59% less UV damage**, and up to 20% improved conditioning. You can expect 100% grey coverage that delivers intense vibrancy, superior shine, and added conditioning. The secret is in the formulation.

The hero ingredients:

  • Cocamide

  • Sea Silk

  • Solamer

  • LP 300

What Are Shade Shifters?

Known as Shade Shifters, Tinta Color Clear, Metallic Warm, and Metallic Cool offer versatility with your formulations and professional services. The unique formula contains no color levels. They shift all Tinta shades based on your preference — warm, cool, or more diluted.

  • Tinta Color Clear — Use to dilute existing Tinta Color while maintaining the color character. It is ideal for base-breaking, creating pastels, or mixing with Tinta Color Metallics. Mix Tinta Color Clear in a 1:1 ratio with Cream Developer (3% and 6%) and process for 5-15 minutes for a base break, 30-40 minutes alone, or mixed.

To dilute Tinta Color Shades one level, follow these recommended formulas:

  • For Shades 7-9 — use 1 part Tinta Color Clear + 1 part Tinta Color + Cream Developer.

  • For Shades 1-6 — use 2 parts Tinta Color Clear + 1 part Tinta Color + Cream Developer.

*Keune does not recommend using Clear with Lift and Color, the 1000 series, 1500 series, 2000, or the 3000 series.

  • Tinta Color Metallic Warm — This refined copper shade has a peach and rose metallic sheen that will warm up any Tinta Color Shade. You can use Metallic Warm for base-breaking, creating pastel shades, or alone.

  • Tinta Color Metallic Cool — Use this intense violet-blue shade with silver nuances alone or to cool other Tinta Color shades. Metallic Cool can create pastels and enhance fashion shades for base breaking. Depending on the desired result, you can use a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio with Cream Developer. When used alone or mixed with another Tinta Color shade, the processing time is 30-40 min. For a base-breaking service, you only need 5-15 min.

These are the recommended formulas for mixing Metallics with another Tinta Color Shade:

  • Soft Shift – 1 part Metallic + 3 parts Tinta Color

  • Medium Shift – 1 part Metallic + 1 part Tinta Color

  • Intense Shift – 2 parts Metallic + 1 part Tinta Color

*The Metallic Shades are unsuitable for the 2000 or 3000 series.

Pro-tip: Mix Metallic Cool and Warm together or with Clear to create more shimmer. You can mix Metallics in a 1:1 ratio with Cream Developer (3% and 6%) or in a 1:2 ratio (with 3%) for maximum shimmering impact.

Even More to Love about the New Tinta Color

Enhanced Shades

The Tinta Color Shades 9.04, 9.1, and 7.44 have an updated formula. How do you know you have the updated formula? When these shades arrive in your salon in the new packaging. So, what has Keune changed?

  • 9.04 is softer with more copper than the existing 9.04.

  • 9.1 has a more intense cool character.

  • 7.44 is true to the tone of the swatch and safe to use with a natural shade. Which means no more shifting to mahogany.

Mix Colors

Tinta Color has a new Mix Color available in 0/34 Gold Copper. Adding Mix Colors to your formulas can enhance, neutralize, or subdue reflections. They support coverage formulas and allow you to customize your creativity. Add Mix Colors to Tinta Color, Ultimate Blonde 1000, or the 1500 range with no extra developer needed.


After Color Care

During the coloring process, hair undergoes an oxidation process that elevates pH levels. You must stop oxidation, lock in color, and bring the pH level back to its usual resting place. Keune's After Color Shampoo and Balsam does precisely that.

After Color Shampoo (pH 4) This sulfate-free formula removes residual pigment from the scalp and hair. It contains UV protection and LP300 to improve the structure and stabilize the color.

After Color Balsam (pH 4) Bring hair back to its natural acidic state by using After Color Balsam. It stops oxidation and contains UV protection and LP300 to stabilize color and protect the hair structure.

Want to learn even more about the new Tinta Color? Watch the latest videos from Keune Education in the Digital Library to access the new Tinta Color Shades, Shade Shifters, and Swatch Book videos.

Don't forget to share your creations with us by tagging @keunenamerica and @keuneeducationna. We can't wait to see your colors like no other.

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