How To Refresh and Improve Post-Workout Hair

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Have you ever skipped a hot yoga class so you wouldn’t ruin your blowout? We’ve all had to decide between the feel-good endorphins from a workout and a good hair day. However, what if you didn’t have to choose? The start of the new year brings with it new goals, and if your resolutions include hair and wellness, we’ve got a few tips to get your hair in shape before, during, and after your workout!

Hair tips for your next workout

Choosing an after-gym hair routine depends on a few factors. What type of workout you’re completing, whether you’ll be shampooing post-workout, and where you’re headed after. Once these factors are considered, you can create a plan for your hair.

Prep your hair for a workout

Believe it or not, you can prep your hair for the ideal post-workout results. If you’re planning a rigorous run or a spin class, prepping hair with Style Dry Shampoo will absorb sweat before it impacts your style. However, if you’re planning on swimming laps, applying a deep conditioner like Care Vital Nutrition Mask to your hair before diving in will protect it from chlorine or salt water.

The best hairstyles based on your workout

Apart from ruining your blowout, workouts can also place tension on your hair. This is precisely why you should pick a hairstyle based on the activity.

Yoga and pilates usually involve slower movements. So, whether downward dog, savasana or planking is on the schedule, it's best to keep hair in a high top knot so that it doesn’t get in the way throughout each movement. Swapping a hair elastic for a scrunchie or a claw clip will also allow you to easily refresh your hair post-workout with a spritz of Style Dry Shampoo + Style Dry Conditioner.

High-impact workouts like HIIT, spinning, or running involve a lot of motion. While a high ponytail might work for some, those with thicker texture types or longer hair should opt for protective braided hairstyles to reduce the tension placed on the hair. To keep hair conditioned, add Care Satin Oil Treatment before you braid. Once your workout is finished, apply another layer and re-braid your hair for an effortless after-gym style.

Products to refresh between washes

Oil isn’t the only issue when you skip a wash; strands also tend to get dry and tangled following a workout. The key is to find a balance between refreshing and rehydrating.

Before your sweat sesh, utilize Care Lumi Coat — Luminous Shine Spray or Supreme Cream — to add weightless hydration and endless shine to the hair. This treatment smooths the cuticle and adds a protective layer that lasts up to three washes. Using Lumi Coat products consistently will improve manageability and reduce damage, leaving you with silky-smooth results.

Follow any workout with Style Dry Shampoo + Style Dry Conditioner — two essential products to keep in your gym bag. This duo quickly adds volume, absorbs oil, and detangles the hair after a workout.

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