Best Blonde Hair Care Tips and Products

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Repair, strengthen, and maintain healthy blonde hair with the proper hair care routine. From bleaching to permanent hair color and highlights, below we are detailing how to repair, strengthen and sustain bleach blonde hair longer. 

How to Maintain Health of Blonde Hair Longer

Bleach is often required to create a blonde look. In addition to lightener, sun damage and heat styling add to dry, damaged, or brittle hair. For this reason, you need to upgrade your care routine. Doing so will cut down on frizz and improve your color. 

Avoid Excess Heat From Styling Tools

Heat damage caused by blow-drying and hot tools leads to premature color fading in decolorized hair. Limit your use of these and instead, air-dry your hair and use targeted heat protection products before styling.

Invest in a Shower Filter

Hard water is another culprit that can impact blonde hair color. Excess mineral buildup can be harsh on hair and cause hair color to turn brassy. Shower filters remove impurities and improve shine. 

Cut Down On Friction 

Everything from brushing to sleeping can have an impact on your hair. Use a silk pillowcase, spiral hair ties, or a microfiber towel to reduce friction and improve your hair's shine and condition. 

Skip the Shampoo 

Excess washing will prematurely fade hair color. You can preserve hair color using dry shampoo between wash days, opting for hydrating formulas, and conditioning rinses instead of shampoo.

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Hair Care Routine for Repairing and Maintaining Blonde Hair

Restore damaged hair and keep blonde hair looking incredible with the new Care Blonde Savior range. Formulated with creatine and glycolic acid, the line consists of a Shampoo, Mask, and Leave-In Treatment. Ingredients strengthen the fiber from its inner-cortex while conditioning, moisturizing, and coating these fiber layers for a glossy finish. 

When used as a 3-step system, the Shampoo, Mask, and Leave-in Treatment repair damage from bleaching by 64%** and make hair 7x stronger* for 96% less breakage*. The Leave-In Treatment also improves manageability for hair that's smoother to brush and style with heat protection up to 446°F.

Blog Image - Best Blonde Hair Care Tips and Products

If you are looking to maintain a cool blonde, Blonde Savior pairs with the Care Silver Savior range and will create flawless results when combined. The Silver Savior Shampoo, Conditioner, and Foam Treatment feature violet pigments to neutralize those brassy tones. 

Learn more about how to make your incredible blonde stay incredible here.


*Instrumental test after 1x Blonde Savior routine application (Shampoo + Mask + Leave-In).

**Instrumental test after 7x Blonde Savior routine applications (Shampoo + Mask + Leave-In).

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