Bardot Bangs Are The New Curtain Fringe

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

The latest haircut trends include the addition of bangs. This is because a fringe frames the face and adds interest to a cut. TikTok has just heralded Bardot Bangs as the new curtain fringe if you're looking for a new low-maintenance option. 

TikTok reports Bardot bangs as the latest fringe trend.

TikTok is full of the latest hair tips, viral hair trends, and how-to videos. The newest trend to start a frenzy is "Bardot bangs," described as the "new" curtain fringe. 

What are Bardot bangs?

Bardot bangs are a style of fringe inspired by the iconic Brigitte Bardot. They feature center-parted bangs and texture that has been cut to frame the face. They are loved for their ability to suit any face shape.  

The difference between Bardot bangs & curtain fringe
  • Bardot bangs feature a soft center part and side-swept finish. The length begins around the corner of the eyes and gets longer as it flairs out to the sides.

  • Curtain fringe has shorter pieces creating a more defined center. This means that more length is cut to create a straighter line than Bardot bangs. 

Why the trend has gone viral on TikTok

TikTok has become the new go-to platform to discover the latest hair trends. This modernized fringe balances the 60s Brigitte Bardot hair and the 90s "Rachel" cut and influences other movements like the butterfly cut. 

How to get the look

The foundation of this cut should be cut on wet hair, while the finishing touches should be cut into dry hair. After creating a soft length transition, hair should be blow-dried and styled using a round brush for maximum volume. Then, your stylist should use slide cutting and point cutting on dry hair to soften the fringe and blend. For added movement, shorter layers should also be cut into the face frame. 

Who the fringe is ideal for 

This fringe trend has gone viral because any hair type and texture can wear it. The look can be tailored in length based on texture type and worn straight or curly. If you're new to fringe, ask your stylist for a length that is on the longer side. 

The top products to style your fringe

If you're going for a traditional finish, this look is best styled with volume and a slight curl. 

  • Prep hair with Style Soft Mousse at the roots and Style Blowout Gelee throughout the ends for fullness and heat protection. 

  • Then, section the hair and begin blow-drying. 

  • Start by drying the fringe section first. *The trick is to use a round brush, curl the hair under, and flick it out to the sides. 

  • Once you've finished each section, create a pin curl and allow it to cool. 

  • After the entire head is dry, take out the pin curls and spritz the hair with Style Soft Set Spray to set. Finger comb through to add movement back into the bangs.. 

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