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Ultimate Blonde for Professionals

Be the Ultimate Blonde expert!

There is a way for every client to achieve their blonde ambition. It's possible with our professional Ultimate Blonde range. As a salon, you will have everything you need to offer the very best blonde services. Thanks to the nourishing Silk Protein-enriched formulas and lots of different characters to choose from.

Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Why you'll love Ultimate Blonde

Creating strong, resilient blonde just got easier, thanks to Keune’s scientific heritage and expertise. What are the benefits of working with the new Healthy Blonde Program with integrated Bond Fuser technology?

  • Achieve quick and easy blonde treatments, in just three steps

  • Shields disulfide bonds and creates new bonds while lifting*

  • Significantly reduces hair damage*

  • Delivers long-lasting conditioning

  • Adds stunning shine and softness

  • Utilizes the same trusted mixing consistency

*Based on instrumental testing with Power Blonde.

Colors speak louder than words

From blonde to bright pink... The sky is the limit. And we mean this quite literally, because Keune's top-of-the-bill coloring products allow you to use all the colors of the rainbow and then some! With your creativity and our 100 years’ worth of experience, there is no telling what new color palettes you will discover.

Get a sneak peek of our color range, click on the button below.

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Image of 3 steps Ultimate Blonde

3 steps to achieve Blonde Ambition

Easy like 1, 2, 3

Thanks to integrated Bond Fuser technology, you can achieve healthy results even faster in three easy and efficient steps.

These looks range from a mild blonde technique to a more intense lifting service for your clients who want the ultimate blonde transformation.

Whatever your clients choose, with Keune you have the power to achieve a strong, resilient blonde look they’ll love.

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