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Tinta Color for Professionals

Tinta Color, provides supreme conditioning, luminous shine and a perfect coverage

As a hair colorist your first priority is creating a beautiful new look for your client, as well as keeping their hair looking shiny and healthy in the process. Our permanent hair coloring Tinta Color contains a unique cocomide formulation uses pearlescent coconut oil to protect hair and scalp.

Why you'll love Tinta Color

Our Triple Color Protection Technology is what makes Tinta Color so effective.

  1. The Solamer UV filter shields the hair from harmful UV rays and keeps the color looking vibrant.

  2. The Tinta Cream Developer is equipped with a LP300 stabilizer. This ensures pigments are tightly bound into the hair structure during the process. As a result, the color fades more slowly over time.

  3. Last, but not least. The Tinta formula is enriched with Silk Protein, wchich helps repair and nourish color-treated or damaged hair.

Colors speak louder than words

From blonde to bright pink... The sky is the limit. And we mean this quite literally, because Keune's top-of-the-bill coloring products allow you to use all the colors of the rainbow and then some! With your creativity and our 100 years’ worth of experience, there is no telling what new color palettes you will discover.

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Our permanent colors

Our Tinta Color products

Permanent hair color

Tinta Color

Permanent color with 100% grey coverage, lovingly formulated with a rich silk protein base to protect the scalp. After use, hair is left soft and healthy. Includes also mix colors for ultimate creativity, and red infinity with Red Boosters.

Tinta Ultimate Cover

Our super strong grey-covering shades give beautiful, natural-looking color results. With intense color payoff and flawless grey coverage.

Tinta Lift & Color

Lightens and tones at the same time. These intense, long-lasting shades are especially formulated for colored highlights or accent work.