Keune's tips against dandruff

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Do you suffer from an itchy scalp and white flakes in your hair? Ewa, our Innovation Leader from the Keune Lab, gives you anti-dandruff tips.

What is the difference between dandruff and dry scalp?

The difference between dandruff and dry scalp is hard to tell. They both have the same main symptoms, namely white flakes, and an itchy scalp. Nevertheless, they are two different conditions and require separate treatments. Dandruff can be described as an imbalance of the condition of the scalp that leads to an overactive production of dead skin cells, which flake. In this case, the hair looks greasy and the associated flakes are usually larger and may have yellowish tones. Dandruff occurs as a result of a fungal infection and must be treated with specialized shampoo.

A dry scalp is when the scalp does not produce enough sebum to keep hair hydrated. Hair often looks dull and frizzy and the accompanying flakes are usually smaller and whiter. For such a condition, the recommended treatment is hair care specifically designed for sensitive scalps, such as Keune Derma Sensitive which offers soothing and moisturizing properties.

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Dandruff affects the health of your hair

A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. But why exactly? Our scalp is the base from which our hair grows because that's where the hair follicles are located. Hair follicles that are full of sebum or blocked by dead skin, dandruff, or infection will affect the quality of hair growth. A clean scalp promotes a healthy environment for optimal hair growth. If your scalp is not looking good, neither will your hair. Taking care of your scalp is not only a good idea, it's a must! And remember, prevention is better than cure.

Photo of hair products against dandruff

Keune's anti-dandruff tips

There are several anti-dandruff tips, but the most important one is to use a good anti-dandruff shampoo. The Keune Care Derma Exfoliate shampoo is the anti-dandruff tip of the day. The shampoo contains Piroctone Olamine, also known as Octopirox. This organic compound is one of the most effective anti-dandruff actives currently available on the market. It literally destroys the fungal infection responsible for the flakes, makes the scalp clean and itch-free, and prevents the formation of new dandruff.

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