Nice hairstyles for curly hair

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Do you have a beautiful bunch of curls and are you looking for inspiration? Whether you have long hair, short hair, firm curls or wavy hair; the Keune hairdressers know what to do! We've rounded up all our favorite hairstyles for curly hair. This way you can go to the hairdresser well prepared! Discover the best hairstyles for curly hair here.

Tip: always go to a curly hairdresser if you naturally have a bunch of curls. Curly hair needs a different cutting method than straight hair. A curly hairdresser can also provide you with better advice.

Short curly hair hairstyles

Where most people think of a big, long head of curls, it is also possible to have short curly hair. Short haircuts are bold! With these hairstyles for curls it is important that you dare and that you own it. In any case, we are a fan of these short haircuts for curly hair.

1920's curl

Do you dare to cut your curls completely short? Go back in time and rock the 1920's curl!

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Pixie fro

Where afro hair often requires a lot of maintenance, you can also be very creative and cool with it! Put the scissors in and own the pixie fro.

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Short bob for curly hair

Curls are perfect for a short bob. When your curls are shorter, they get even more volume. That's why a short bob works perfectly with curly hair.

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Long layered bob for curly hair

If you don't dare go all the way to the very short hair, you can also take a longer bob with curly hair.

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Long curly hair hairstyles

With your curls you naturally already have a lot of volume in your hair. This also makes it easier to wear long hairstyles. Discover these beautiful hairstyles for long curly hair. Embrace your own hair structure in which your natural curls come into their own.

Modern shag

Another model for curly hair that you see very often these days is the modern shag with bangs.

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Layering in curly hair

Having layers cut in curly hair gives you a nice full round head of curls. It also often ensures that your hair becomes a bit lighter and less heavy.

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Beach curls

You can actually create the beach curls with any longer model that is cut in layers. All you need for this is a good Salt Spray.

Long model for curly hair

If you still have a beautiful bunch of curls of your own, why not just let it grow long? You have the volume in your hair, you have the Va Va Voom effect, go for it!

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