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One of the most popular hairstyles for curly hair is a medium length with bangs. But besides being popular, it's also pretty scary to get a haircut on yourself. That's why we've put together everything you need to know about medium length hair with bangs. This way you can make a good decision whether a pony is for you.

Different types of bangs for medium curly hair

There are different types of bangs that you can cut for medium length hair. Get inspired!

Curly hair curtain bangs

When you translate curtain bangs literally, you get curtain bangs. Now we don't want to say that curtain bangs look like a curtain, because that sounds a bit dusty. However, the effect of the curtain bangs is similar. This bangs for curly hair is characterized by being short in the front, while the sides stay longer. This causes the fringe to slide sideways from the middle, as it were. Tip: Use the Care Confident Curl Leave-in Spray through wet curly hair. It redefines waves, reduces frizz, and provides a light hold.

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Slanted bangs on curly hair

If your hair is parted on the side, the slanted bangs are great for curly hair. The bangs in this case fall from the oblique to the side.

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Straight bangs on curly hair

A hairstyle that is also popular with you is straight bangs with curly hair. This pony does require the most maintenance. In many cases it is best to straighten it. In addition, you must ensure that the bangs remain nicely distributed and do not fall in one tuft in front of your forehead.

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What does bangs do to your face?

Bangs can have a huge effect on your appearance. It is therefore important that you know what kind of face shape you have and what kind of bangs suit it.

  • Oval Face: An oval face will suit almost any fringe. So take advantage of this!

  • Round face: go for slanted bangs or curtain bangs. Avoid short, straight bangs.

  • Square Face: Go for bangs that fall just over your eyebrows and are slightly longer on the sides.

Not sure what kind of face shape you have or unsure about which bangs would suit you best? Your hairdresser can always help you make the best choice.

How often should you cut bangs?

Knowing that your hair grows an average of one centimeter per month, it is important that you have your bangs trimmed regularly. It differs per pony and hair type how often you have to trim a pony, but assume that you have to visit the hairdresser every 2 to 4 weeks. A good indication to have your bangs trimmed is simply when it is no longer in shape.

Hair products for bangs
  1. Dry shampoo Because your bangs fall over your forehead, your bangs will get fat faster. This is because the forehead contains the most sebum in most people. With a little dry shampoo you can keep your bangs in shape without making them look greasy. This means you don't have to wash your hair every day.

  2. Heat protection Before blow-drying your hair (including bangs), it is important that you put heat protection in your hair. This ensures that the heat of the hair dryer does not break your hair and ultimately prevents frizz.

  3. Hair spray After blow-drying your hair, set the bangs with hairspray to keep them in place.

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Asset Joanne van Hoeflaken
Joanne van Hoeflaken

Global Education Manager

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