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Muška kosa ima jedinstvene karakteristike. Zato je važno njegovati kosu posebnim proizvodima. Keune šampon za muškarce pruža njegu za čišćenje kovrčave, suhe ili beživotne kose.

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Keune shampoo for men

Discover the ultimate hair care for men with Keune's specialized shampoos. Men's hair is different from women's and requires special attention. That's why we have curated an extensive collection that perfectly addresses the specific needs of men's hair. Enrich your daily routine with the refreshing care of Keune's shampoo for men.

Keune's shampoo for men

1922 J.M. by Keune is specially created for men, offering a broad range of cleansing shampoos and conditioners that perfectly meet the demands of men's hair.Common hair problems in men include:

  • Dry hair

  • Dandruff

  • Thinning hair

  • Hair loss

Our products are designed to strengthen the hair and build its structure, providing optimal care for every man.

The benefits of men's shampoo: 1922 J.M. by Keune

Discover the power of 1922 J.M. by Keune Deep-Cleansing Shampoo, a formula that not only purifies the hair but also provides hydration and reinforcement. The added creatine prevents hair breakage, making the hair look healthier and more resilient. This men's shampoo is designed to meet the specific needs of men's hair and scalp.

  • 1922 Essential Shampoo For an all-in-one solution, there's the 1922 Essential Shampoo. This versatile men's shampoo is suitable for hair, beard, and body, ideal for dry, damaged, and brittle hair. This shampoo contains bamboo and creatine, nourishing the hair and making it extra strong.

  • 1922 Purifying Shampoo The Purifying Shampoo is a special anti-dandruff shampoo. The ingredients zinc pyrithione and creatine combat the fungus that causes flakes and reduce hair breakage. Your hair is addressed from the root.

  • 1922 Refreshing Shampoo The name says it all. The peppermint and menthol in this shampoo provide a fresh feeling and stimulate blood circulation for a healthy scalp. Whatever hair type you have, you can use this refreshing men's shampoo daily.

  • 1922 Fortifying Shampoo The Fortifying Shampoo makes your hair fuller and thicker. This shampoo contains creatine and vitamin B5 to strengthen your hair. Biotin gives an extra boost and reduces hair loss. A powerful blend to make your hair thicker!

  • 1922 Deep-Cleansing Shampoo This mild men's shampoo removes all impurities from your hair, such as residues from your hair products, dust, and other particles. Your hair and scalp undergo a refreshing detox.

Optimize your care with Keune Conditioner for Men

For a complete hair routine, we recommend the 1922 conditioners for men. Combine the power of our shampoos with the nourishing properties of our conditioners.

  • 1922 Essential Conditioner The Essential Conditioner provides your hair with extra nourishment and makes it stronger. Use this conditioner after Essential Shampoo for the desired result. Tip: If you have a beard, you can give it the necessary attention with this conditioner.

  • 1922 Refreshing Conditioner Extend the refreshing feeling of Refreshing Shampoo into your routine. This conditioner for men is enriched with nourishing creatine to combat hair breakage. The ingredients peppermint and menthol stimulate your blood circulation and ensure a healthy scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions about men's hair careWhich shampoo is best for men?

For every hair type, we recommend something different. The 1922 by J.M. Keune line offers various hair products perfectly tailored to the needs of men. For example, the 1922 by J.M. Keune Essential Shampoo is ideal for damaged hair and a dry scalp. The 1922 by J.M. Keune Deep-Cleansing Shampoo is suitable for oily hair and cleaning styling products.The best shampoos per hair type:

  • Deep-Cleansing Shampoo: for oily hair and styling products

  • Essential Shampoo: for damaged hair and a dry scalp

  • Fortifying Shampoo: for thin hair

  • Purifying Shampoo: for hair with dandruff

  • Refreshing Shampoo: for all hair types

Can you use two different shampoos?

Yes, you can use two different shampoos if you have specific needs. For example, use the Deep-Cleansing Shampoo for deep cleaning and the Essential Shampoo for daily use. If you want to stimulate hair growth and fight dandruff, you can use the Fortifying Shampoo alternately with the Purifying Shampoo. Alternating between shampoos can help address different hair needs.

What is the difference between men and women's shampoo?

The hair of men and women differs in potency, length, and tensile strength. Therefore, it is important to use specific shampoos tailored to unique needs. Men's shampoos provide targeted care and benefits that cater to the characteristics of men's hair.

Can men use women's shampoo?

While it is technically possible, we recommend using specific men's shampoos. Shampoos for women are often formulated for the needs of longer hair, and these products may not provide the optimal care that men's hair requires.

Which shampoo makes your hair thicker?

For men aiming for thicker hair, we recommend Fortifying Shampoo. The added hydration and strengthening properties help prevent hair breakage and promote healthier hair growth. Combine this with 1922 Fortifying Lotion, a powerful leave-in lotion against hair loss. Ingredients like liposomes and red ginseng stimulate hair growth by 25 percent within just four days. Additionally, 1922 Tough Texture helps for an even fuller result. This thickening spray also promotes long-term hair growth stimulation.

Experience the transformation of your hair with the 1922 J.M. by Keune line. Discover the perfect shampoos that meet the unique needs of men's hair. Elevate your hair care to a higher level.

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