Keune Gel

Wenn Sie sich für Keune Haargel entscheiden, entscheiden Sie sich für jahrelange Erfahrung und hohe Qualität. Keune war die erste Marke der Welt, die 1977 Haargel auf den Markt brachte.





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Keune Hair Gel

When you choose Keune hair gel, you choose for shine, structure, and strength. The extensive range of Keune offers a good hair gel for every hair type. From hair gel for thin hair to hair gel with high heat resistance. We also have Keune gel without perfume!

For a radiant shine and light strengthening of the hair use Keune Brilliantine Gel. This hair gel is also great for smoothing frizzy hair. Keune So Pure Modulation Gel is a natural hair gel that hydrates and makes the hair fuller. This Keune hair gel is without perfume and alcohol. Keune Style Ultra gel is the perfect hair gel for women because of its heat resistance. Keune Triple X Gel is a super firm hair gel for long-lasting hold and extreme shine.

Whether you are looking for a hair gel for curls, long hair, short hair, for women or men... There is always a good Keune gel for you.