Tips for protecting your hair from the sun

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

There's nothing like warm rays of sunshine on your face. And we're the last ones to say you shouldn't enjoy this. But as nice as the sun is, unfortunately, our hair is a little less happy about it. Therefore, good sun protection for your hair is essential in the summer. With these handy tricks, you protect your hair against the sun this summer. Go enjoy the sun!

1. Use protective products for your hair

Just like your skin, your hair needs good care. In the summer your skin often requires extra hydration and good sun protection. This is no different for your hair. Your hair has to endure a lot of extra UV radiation. Make sure in the summer for a good care ritual to protect your hair from the sun:

Shampoo & Conditioner: Use the Color Brillianz shampoo and conditioner for gentle cleansing. Both products also contain UV protection, to limit sun damage to your hair.

Spray: Before and after you go into the sun, spray your hair with the Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray. This product moisturizes and restores the pH value of the hair, as well as it protects against dehydration.

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2. Use summer accessories

In addition to a good grooming ritual, you can also protect your hair from the sun by using certain updos and accessories. 

Updo: put your hair up in a cute bun. This will reduce your hair's surface area exposed to the sun and keep damage to a minimum. 

Accessories: wear a hat or put a nice scarf on your hair. This will protect your hair as well as your scalp. This is because your scalp can also burn, which affects the health of your hair. 

Tip: apply sunscreen to your parting.

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3. Avoid heating tools and chemicals

Avoid heating tools: of course, you want your hair to look its best during the sultry summer days. Using a straightener or curling iron only backfires by causing additional damage to your hair. 

Tip: for beautiful curls sleep with your hair braided in and a leave-in conditioner overnight.

Avoid color treatments: try to avoid having your hair colored just before your sun vacation. Plan this a little more ahead, so your hair has time to recover from the chemicals used during the color treatment.

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