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Joanne van Hoeflaken

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Would you like nothing more than more volume in your hair? We understand that all too well. It is not very difficult to get more volume in your hair, you just have to put in some effort. Our Keune hair experts give you tips on how to give your hair more volume.

How do you get more volume in your hair?

It is known that certain hair structures have more volume of their own than others. With curls, for example, you naturally have more volume in your hair than people with straight hair. However, it is not impossible to get more volume in your hair if you have thin or straight hair. These are the tips for more volume in your hair:

1. Get the right haircut

You can't cut the volume in your hair, but you can make sure your haircut is suitable for creating more volume. For example, all shoulder-length hairstyles already have more volume. With longer hair, your hair becomes heavier and you have to put in more effort to get volume in your hair. Ask your hairdresser for personal advice on which haircut suits you best.

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2. Use the right products

Do you have long hair, or do you just want to give your hair the extra wow-effect? Use good hair products that give extra volume. When you apply these hair products to towel-dried hair and then blow-dry your hair, you get the volume in your hair that you want. If you want to add volume to dry hair, use a volume powder or dry shampoo.

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3. Blow-dry volume in your hair

Blow drying is the ultimate tip for more volume in your hair! If you let your hair dry, you won't get volume. The hair then takes its natural shape. If you want more volume, spray the Keune Root Volumizer on the roots of your hair and put a mousse on the lengths of your hair. Then hang upside down and blow-dry your hair. Are you a little handy? In that case, you can also dry your hair while styling it with a brush at the same time. If you have curly hair, use a diffuser on your blowdryer. With this, you simply give more definition to your curls.

About this collaborator

Asset Joanne van Hoeflaken
Joanne van Hoeflaken

Global Education Manager

At the helm of Keune's education program is Joanne. With the Education team, she trains and guides Keune hairstylists worldwide.

The international Education team knows all the ins and outs of cutting and coloring techniques, hair styling, and the latest hair trends.

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