Keune Vosak

Vosak za kosu idealan je za kratku do srednje dugu kosu i može se restilirati tijekom dana. Keune nudi vosak za kosu za bilo koji željeni rezultat: razbarušen izgled, fleksibilan volumen ili prirodni sjaj.

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Keune Hair Wax

Because hair wax does not harden, it is an ideal styling product for styling your hair throughout the day. Hair wax gives strength to short and medium-length hair. In addition, the Keune wax for her the professional finish that you get at a hairdresser.

Keune Style Forming Wax is the best hair wax for daily use. Made from bee wax, this wax gives hair a medium firmness and natural glass. This hair wax is especially suitable for hair that dries quickly. Because the Keune wax soluble in the water you can easily wash this wax from your hair. With the Keune Blend Fiber Wax, you create texture and give extra body to the hair. Perfect for any hair length. Keune So Pure Star Shaper is a natural hair wax enriched with organic argan oil and essential oils. Cornstarch provides flexible volume with firmness and structure.