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An ode to motherhood

For the go-with-the-flow moms. For those who do it by the book. For the best-friend mothers, the work mother figures, and all moms in between, this one is for you. Because a mother is a mother. Whether by biology, adoption, or circumstance, we believe all mothers are created equal.

And they deserve an ode.

For those with character

At Keune, we believe character runs the world. It’s doing things with love and persistence, the way that you that feel is right. Even – or especially – when things are challenging. It’s something we live by as a company and want to instill in our people and partners.

Because it’s not about being perfect. It’s about not giving up. That’s the only way to make an impact, influence change, and shape the world, after all.

And we can all agree that our moms do just that.

Our tribute to grit, perseverance, and authenticity

Motherhood is not for the fainthearted: it’s a true display of character. And we believe character makes the world go round. That’s why we documented the remarkable motherhood stories of 3 extraordinary women. Discover how they showcase character in their own, powerful ways.

Watch the exclusive series below

Jackson & daughter

Jackson Romanov and daughter Texas Schiffmacher about fun times, bad days, and staying true to yourself.


Nerine & Alexander

Mother Nerine shares how she dealt with the extraordinary medical condition of her son Alexander in this moving episode.


Siham & Dihya

Mom, poet, and writer Siham tells us how she navigates motherhood and strives to empower daughter Dihya.


A big thank you to the mother figures of the world

So to our wonderful mother figures in all shapes and sizes; the mothers still with us and the moms sorely missed: thank you.

For being there. For being brave. For being you.

We salute those with character. Mom, we salute you.

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