Media - So Pure Dispenser empty  - 1000ml
Media - So Pure dispensers pouch
Image of So Pure Dispenser empty - 1000ml
Media - So Pure Dispenser empty  - 1000ml

So Pure Dispenser empty - 1000ml

The So Pure refillable bottle can be used with So Pure Clarify, Cool, Polish and Restore shampoo or conditioner. This way you will save plastic, because our refill pouches are made with less plastic*. Also, the So Pure shampoos and conditioners are 10% more concentrated, so you will need less product per wash.

This refillable bottle is empty. Make sure you also buy a pouch in 400ml or 1000ml.

How to use: Remove the sticker from the shampoo or conditioner pouch and stick it on the top of the dispenser. Fill it with your So Pure shampoo or conditioner. When you are out of product, just buy a new pouch.

*57% less plastic per mL based on six 400ml pouches, compared to former 250ml So Pure bottles.

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Media - So Pure how to refill

So Pure Refill

How to use

Pick your hair solution and product size. Cool, Restore, Polish, or Clarify. Shampoo or conditioner. Refillable bottles come in 400ml or 1000ml sizes.

Please note: these are empty when you buy them, so don’t forget your refill pouch containing the actual product!

1. Peel the sticker off your refill pouch.

You can label the contents of your refillable bottle with a handy sticker. Gently peel it off the refill pouch.

2. Place the sticker on your refillable bottle.

Place the sticker on the cap of your refillable bottle so you can see what it contains at a glance. Fill up your bottle and you’re good to go.