We love summer, but unfortunately the sun doesn’t love us—and that’s an understatement. The sun emits UVA (deeply penetrates your skin and hair) and UVB rays (burns the top layers of your skin), which are super bad for you. If you skip sunscreen, you’ll not only risk burns, but you’ll also develop fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and you’ll have an increased risk of skin cancer. Yikes. However, this doesn’t mean that sunscreen will make you completely wrinkle-free, but with proper and continued use, it is proven to mitigate sun damage that does, in fact, age you. 

But you’re smart, so you already apply sunscreen regularly. Right? Right! But here’s a question: did you know the sun also affects your hair?




No? Well, here’s what the sun does to your hair. First, UVA and UVB rays damage keratin, which your hair is made up of, making it brittle and vulnerable to breakage. The free radicals your hair is exposed to will also chip away at keratin. Thankfully, our hair also contains melanin, the pigment that gives it its color, which helps keep radiation out. Melanin acts like a filter and prevents some free radicals from penetrating the hair shaft completely. Unfortunately, melanin also gets damaged by the sun, which is the reason why your hair is always lighter in the summer. Hey, we love a sunkissed glow, but less melanin means your hair’s more likely to get porous. And if you color your hair? The sun’ll make those pigments fade in no time. 

Another thing the sun does: it evaporates the moisture inside your hair, making it dry and dull. That’s we highly, highly recommend hair products that contain SPF.




So we made Care Sun Shield. This line consists of three products: a shampoo, conditioner, and special hair oil—with SPF. The shampoo protects your hair
 against the elements: the sun, yes, but also salt water, rain, wind,chlorine, bad boyfriends… Okay, maybe not bad boyfriends. Essential minerals, UV filters, the anti-chlorine complex and active proteins help protect and nourish your hair. It also restores the moisture balance inside each strand. After shampooing, use the Sun Shield Conditioner to hydrate and calm. Essential minerals and shea butter pamper and further helps restore your hair’s moisture balance and shine.

So the shampoo and conditioner are perfect before or after a beach day. Last but not least is Sun Shield Oil, which smells wonderful, but, more importantly, does wonderful things for your hair. It locks in moisture, preventing the sun from drying out your hair and! it has SPF 8. Throw it in your beach bag and run it through your hair every two hours for maximum protection. Keep in mind that Sun Shield Oil is designed to be used exclusively on your hair, so we recommend you use a regular sunscreen for your face and body. SPF 30 and up!




There are other, more obvious ways to protect yourself from the sun. Stay inside, for example (sorry, we had to mention it). Or find shade—one of those beach umbrellas will do the trick. More hair-specific: wear a fun hat! Braid or bun it, to minimize the surface exposed to the sun. Your best defense against any nasty rays, however, is a little bit of everything—prolonged sun exposure, no matter how often you reapply your sunscreen, is bad. So: sunscreen on your face, Sun Shield Oil on your hair, hat, shade. Piña colada optional.

Finally, here’s something fun: to celebrate the summer, we’re having a special Care Sun Shield promotion. Purchase the shampoo and conditioner at your favorite Keune salon and we’ll throw in a cute roundie beach towel for free.

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