Meet Luminous Pearl. 

Three soft blonde shades.

Three all-new grey covering shades.


The blonde shades are inspired by jewels, the inside of seashells and mermaid treasure. 9.72 Very Light Pearl Blonde is an icy-cool blonde, 9.25 Very Light Pearl Mahogany Blonde, is a soft rose gold and, lastly, 8.23 Light Pearl Golden Blonde is a sunshine-iridescent color

The all-new Cover Plus shades provide extra grey coverage—there’s 8.00 Light Blonde, 6.00 Dark Blonde and 4.00 Medium Brown. With these new additions to the So Pure Color lineup, you'll have more freedom to service your favorite clients.

As always, each and every So Pure Color product is completely ammonia-free and has a nourishing, coconut-based formulation enriched with Argan oil and phytokeratin. The products also have a natural jasmine and sandalwood fragrance.

Ter ere van Zonbeschermingweek hebben we een hele leuke actie lopen. Bij je favoriete Keune-salon krijg je namelijk bij aanschaf van de volledige Care Sun Shield-lijn een gratis ronde stranddoek.