Friday March 20th 2020

Corona news

The corona virus affects us all. The world has suddenly changed and it will take a bit of time to get used to this new reality. Of course everyone’s health is the most important to us, but your salon business will continue, if at all.
In these uncertain times we want to let you know that we’re here for you. This newsletter gives you some tips and information on how best to deal with the corona crisis in your salon.

Keune is here to help!



  • Please don’t panic and keep calm. As an entrepreneur it is important to be in charge as much as possible.
  • Keep communicating! Stay in touch with your employees, customers and creditors.
  • Create a Whatsapp group for your employees and inform them continuously about current developments both inside and outside your salon. Especially when your salon is closed, the communication between you and your staff is important.
  • Make sure to be in touch with each employee on a daily basis, physically or by phone.



Financial overview

  • Try to get a good overview in your financial situation as soon as possible. Analyze your cash flow position. If necessary, ask your accountant for help.
  • Calculate different scenarios in case of a decline in your turnover. In other words; what could you do if turnover declines or completely disappears?
  • If you are unable to make the calculation on short notice, please contact your Sales Manager.
  • Based on the outcome of your financial overview, you should determine whether you need to contact your bank. Ask your bank for options for (extra) loan during these time of crisis.
  • Take a critical look at all costs in your company; decide if costs are necessary in order to continue business operations.
  • Apply for deferment of payment from your creditors.
  • Ask your accountant about the options for deferrals of most common taxes.

Support from government and financial institutes

The government and several financial institutes currently released a lot of resources to help you as an entrepreneur. Please check the websites of local financial institutes for more information.


Hygiene and safety

Ensure a safe and clean environment for yourself, your staff and your customers. At home and in the salon. Please check websites of your local health institutions for more information.


Prepare for recovery

  • Make sure your employees are the first to be informed as soon as your salon will be open again or run for more hours.
  • Use the meantime to keep up to date with all Keune education (via Keune Academy) and enrich everyone’s knowledge.
  • If your salon is or has been closed, let your customers know via all channels when you will be open again.
  • Leave your salon tidy, make sure you have everything you need to start up again and keep your stock completely in order.
  • This way you can immediately run maximum hours when your salon opens again.
  • Create a new schedule when you reopen and request extra effort from all of your employees to help as many customers as possible in a short time.