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Vorm je haar permanent van binnenuit


Transforming hair texture

Back in the 1920s, we were the first in Europe to transform hair’s texture. Because Jan Keune knew that some people are born with the hair they love – but others want something different. Some curly-haired people want straight hair and vice versa. Then there are those clients who say the more volume the better.

Getting hair to permanently transform its texture is a science – but we’ve made it easy for stylists to create wonderful, lasting results that look natural. Keratin Straightening keeps hair straight and sleek for months, without frizz. Add breathtaking volume to your clients’ hair with Keratin Volume. And for soft curls that keep on going strong, use our Keratin Curl formula.

Spectacular results made easy

By offering you a wide variety of products, you have a flexible range of permanent forming solutions to offer your clients. Whether you’re dealing with hair that’s difficult to perm, fine hair without body, colored hair or other challenges, Keune has something for everyone, and every type of hair.

Each treatment has clear, simple steps you can follow. And by consulting the Keune Forming Manual, you can easily diagnose hair to choose the right formula for your client’s type of hair. And don’t forget the studio tips, from our Keune family of hair experts.

Nourishment for vitality

Because our forming products are chemical treatments with the power to reshape hair, it’s important to treat hair gently, and add the nourishment your clients’ new style needs to keep looking beautiful.

So we use emollients and cationactive (K+) keratin – the protein that’s naturally found in hair – for intense nourishment. Vita Wave contains provitamin B5, licone and elastine for vitality and long-lasting softness. Silk protein in our neutralizer offers superior conditioning, especially for dry, damaged and porous hair. Keune Straightening formulas contain Kera-glide for easy and safe shaping. And our Keune Curl lotion is mild on the skin and smells nice, too.

It’s also important to know what doesn’t go in our products. Keratin Straightening formulas are 100% formaldehyde-free.