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Ultimate Blonde Inspiration

Use of Freedom Blonde

Brazilian Balayage

Meet Freedom Blonde, a new clay-based lightening system suitable for creative freehand techniques. Freedom Blonde’s rich, flexible and thick formula can be easily sketched on without using foils. Get creative with freehand lightening techniques and apply your lightener with pin-point accuracy.

Glowy Glaze
Meet new Ultimate Glaze

Glowy Glaze

Ultimate Glaze is a color product that’s solely comprised of character, no color level. Here’s how it works: after lightening and neutralizing, pick a glaze to add character and spice up the hair.

Create your perfect blonde

Fabulous Highlights

Six steps towards the very best blonde services.

Step 1: diagnose

Step 2: choose your lifting product

Step 3: strengthen

Step 4: neutralize

Step 5: tone

Step 6: homecare