Your clients are always on a journey of discovery when it comes to their hair. A good and personal consultation is therefore the most important part of a hairstylist and the key to success! To help you as hairstylists with the right quality of your consultation conversation, we have developed a 2-day Keune consultation with interactive hands-on sessions.

This training includes everything from consultation, from the experience for the customer when they enter your salon to the assurance that they leave the salon with a big smile with the Keune products for home use and a new appointment for the next time!

• Day 1: We discover together what your personal comfort zone is when it comes to advice, we also look at current trends and the different customer types. The importance of creating the right atmosphere in your salon and how you get that personal contact with your customer. Together we practice how to ask the right questions, which questions you ask and how to give the right advice so that customers understand and appreciate this.
• Day 2: Is about color, face shapes, skin tones, the cut and contouring, so that the advice given is based entirely on a complete personal analysis and how you apply this with your expertise at your customer. You also learn to deal with counter arguments on your advice. We give practical tips to properly discuss the prices, service and Keune products and how you can help the customer make the right decision. And not to forget, how to end with good faith.

€ 180 ex. VAT. Including lunch and Keune consultation tool. Seminar can be paid from the Keune education budget.

10am - 5pm

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