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Keune Webinars & Seminars

All courses are set up according to our teaching method Keune Dynamic Education. Nowhere do you sit still for long periods of time and we expect you to contribute your knowledge and experience. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, there is always a seminar that suits you.

Basic knowledge

Fundamental Courses

Our Fundamental Seminars tell you everything you need to know about the use and applications of our products.

We share knowledge, work on our professional techniques, and experiment to gain new experiences. With the Fundamental Courses, you lay the perfect foundation for all your Keune coloring and styling techniques and you can easily progress to the Challenging Seminars.

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Intermediate knowledge

Challenging Courses

At these seminars, we want to take you even further into the world of color, cutting, and styling.

Have you attended the Fundamental Seminars? Then we would like to challenge you to broaden your horizons, expand your skills and push your boundaries in the hairdressing profession.

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Advanced knowledge

Expert Courses

Expert Seminars require the highest level of theoretical knowledge of Keune products and techniques. During all seminars, we therefore go into depth in terms of theory and practice. With the latest trendy techniques we broaden your horizon, we refine your techniques and we discover your limits. If you already have these, of course.

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For who likes to experiment

Inspiring Seminars

The hallmark of inspiration is that it comes from within. From your heart, your passion for the profession.

Together with your inspiration, our top educators take these seminars to great creative heights. Keywords here are daring, sharing, and above all experimenting a lot.

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