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Do not forget your loved ones - now more than ever

Valentines Day

Valentine's day

Valentine's day is traditionally the day when you give attention or a suitable gift to your (anonymous) love. But especially in these times it might be a good idea to look beyond your loved ones.

As an almost 100-year-old family business, caring for each other - and the other - is anchored in every fiber of our company and we support our Keune hairdressers in these challenging times.

For example with www.supportyoursalon.nl where you can buy a gift voucher for your favorite Keune salon. They still generate income that way. If you buy something in our webshop and enter your favorite Keune salon in the checkout, they will also benefit from your purchase.

Who could use some extra attention in your "family"? One of your parents, your roommate, that sweet neighbor from further afield or just your rock in the surf at home?

We have listed a number of surprising and nurturing gift ideas to give attention to everyone who deserves your attention this Valentine's Day.


Keune 1922 eau de toilette

Our bestseller for her. Keune Care Vital Nutrition. The ideal nourishing shampoo with a pleasant scent ensures that your hair will shine perfectly again. Suitable for any type of hair.

A wonderful mask. If you want to give your hair that little bit extra love, choose one of the easy-to-apply masks. The ultimate self-care for your hair.

Fragrance for him. Did you know that Keune also has a great Eau de toilette for men? 1922 by JM Keune Eau de Toilette is a refreshing fragrance with allure that makes every man even more irresistible.

Man Shampoo. Our 1922 by JM Keune shampoo is the perfect shampoo to kickstart your day. You can safely give this as a gift thanks to the beautiful luxury packaging.

Dinner Date-Night. Do you want to put your hair in the gala booth again? Use one of our volume sprays so that it really cannot get around you.

Wax on Wax off. Do you want to prepare for your date without any worries? The Keune Wax creates a smooth haircut in no time where you look relaxed.