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The difference between conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair mask and creme rinse

The difference between conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair mask and creme rinse

Do you ever wonder which hair product to use and when? The advantage of having a wide range of hair products is that you can always put together the best routine for your hair. You just need to know what products you need. Our Keune hair experts like to help you. Find out what the difference is between conditioner, leave-in conditioner, a hair mask, and creme rinse. Know which products you can use best during your hair care routine.

What is conditioner

What is conditioner?

A conditioner is a hair product that nourishes your hair and causes your hair to absorb moisturizing ingredients. When washing your hair, you first cleanse your hair with a shampoo and then nourish it with a conditioner.

What does a conditioner do?
A conditioner nourishes your hair and creates a protective layer around your hair. This makes your hair less prone to breakage. In addition, a conditioner moisturizes your hair and makes it soft and shiny. Many conditioners also prevent frizzy hair. 

How to use conditioner?
After you have cleaned your hair with shampoo, you put the conditioner in your hair. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then rinse it out of your hair. Et voilà!

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What is a leave-in conditioner?

What is leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is a nourishing hair product that is an extra step after washing your hair. It gives your hair a boost. Especially when your hair is damaged or a bit heavier during the winter months for example.

What does a leave-in conditioner do? 
A leave-in conditioner is like a backup conditioner. It's not meant to replace the conditioner you use in the shower, but it's meant to provide extra care. A leave-in conditioner locks the moisture in your hair and allows nutrients to penetrate your locks. This leaves your hair nourished, healthy, and silky smooth.

How do you use a leave-in conditioner?
Distribute a small amount of leave-in conditioner throughout your hair, especially in the ends. You do not need to rinse out a leave-in conditioner and can immediately start styling your hair after application.

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What is a hair mask

What is a hair mask?

A hair mask is a deeply nourishing treatment for your hair. Hair masks are built with strong formulas that make hair masks more concentrated, thicker, and rich in ingredients.

What does a hair mask do?
Hair masks restore hair fibers from the inside out while affecting the condition of the outer cuticle. The formula of a hair mask restores the healthy shine and softness of the hair. Whereas a conditioner mainly protects the outside of it, a hair mask penetrates deep into the hair fibers.

How do you use a hair mask?
The general advice is to use a hair mask once or twice a week. During your washing routine, substitute the conditioner for the hair mask. Spread the hair mask on the lengths of the hair and leave for a while. Then rinse it out thoroughly. Read more tips on how to use a hair mask here.

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Difference between conditioner and creme rinse

What is a creme rinse?

The difference between a conditioner and a creme rinse is that a creme rinse is solely intended to make your hair combable and leave it feeling soft. A conditioner is not the same as a creme rinse. 

What does a creme rinse do?
A creme rinse just puts a layer around your hair making it soft and smooth. This makes your hair easier to comb. It does not provide any other care that a conditioner does.

How do you use a creme rinse?
You can apply a creme rinse in your routine in the same way as a conditioner. Our Keune experts recommend a good conditioner over a creme rinse.