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Hair Care

Hair lotion treats hair and scalp problems directly at the core. Our lotions soothe the scalp and have a calming effect on itching, irritation and infections.

Keune hairlotion

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Keune Hair Lotion

Keune lotion tackles hair and scalp problems directly at the core. The hair lotions are soothing to the scalp and have a soothing effect on itching, irritation, and inflammation.

In our Derma concept, you will find hair lotion against hair loss, but also hair lotion against itching. The Keune Care Derma Activate Lotion against hair loss is thinning hair and temporary hair loss. The lotion against hair loss is an intensive restorative treatment that actively works to promote hair growth and extending the growth phase. The Keune Care Derma Sensitive Lotion against itching is soothing and softens an irritated scalp. The lotion is carefully formulated with allergen-free ingredients and is, therefore, a fine and nurturing hair lotion against itching. Also, redness, inflammation, and irritation are actively fought with this hair lotion without sulfates.

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